Fast loading and interaction with ‘baked’ lighting

This test model was aimed at loading and interaction efficiency by using game asset exporting techniques. The viewer is more basic than Sketchfab but does have some other advantages. We could also code our own basic viewer from scratch, although the need hasn't arisen. Click and drag to interact with the model, one finger- [...]

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Web GL

When HTML5  was introduced, few years back,  the viewing of 3D models online was made much easier. Better use of WebGL and java scripting (via three.js) has lead to huge improvements in real world physics Lighting and reflection mapping and games programming 

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Links to our friends

Links to other creative industry professionals and our clients- Nextbase- UK market-leading dash cams for all budgets. At the forefront of quality and innovative in-car electronics from entertainment to security. Mirror video. dB Masters- Quality and reliable Memory card, Blu-Ray, DVD, CD and Vinyl duplication and pressing. We have worked with Marcus for many [...]

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