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Who are we?

Offplan3d is a CGI video, image, interactive 3d & aerial filming production company.

Why are we here?

We love to make your ideas come to life.

What we can do for you?

Let us produce the marketing materials that connect your message to your customer with ease and style. Our studio can guide you through the full range of new media technologies and how to make best use of them.

The Offplan3d dedicated production team takes the time to understand you, your brand, your product and your customers.

A solid understanding of marketing strategies means our studio produces results not just stunning images.

What's so special about us?

Our CGI production company is UK based and has been established for 18 years. We produce high quality work and look to build reliable, long term relationships with clients.

Offplan3d has the technical and artistic capabilities from thirty years working in the computer graphics industry.

Our studio has instant access to cloud computing centres for incredibly fast image processing or 3d rendering.

We are at the forefront of our industry, using the latest proven technology and marketing techniques.

What sectors do we cover?

Our clients ranges from architects to manufacturing to building developers to consumer electronics

companies to name but a few. However we have the ability and experience to work in any business sector.

To find out more choose your relevent sector from below:

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Cut costs by dealing direct

Let us produce your CGI marketing images directly without the PR agency middleman. See our price guide here.

What our clients say

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