We can 3D capture and scan real world objects, people, buildings and landscapes. The example shown below was captured in our studio with an DSLR camera. Please click to start the model viewer and click and drag to rotate (scroll to zoom, Right Mouse Button to move).


Below is a WebGL 3d model viewer we made as an aerial shot test. This was created a single 360 degree drone orbit taking 150 photographs. Better results would have probably come from flying a grid pattern, which we hope to test soon. The created 3d model file size has been reduced from 750 MB to 13 MB for online fast loading and interaction. Please click the ‘?’ below for mouse navigation help.

A much higher quality version of this model could be used with our 3D Animation software. This would allow us to add in other Computer Generated elements e.g new houses and produce still images or videos. An example is shown below-

The test drone shot above could have been improved by setting the camera exposure to manual and flying a grid rather than an orbit pattern. Here is a link to a much more optimal drone based scan (this may be slow to interact as it is 8x larger file than our example above)