At Offplan3d, we bring your products to life through cutting-edge Computer Generated Images (CGIs), dynamic videos, and immersive interactive 3D displays. Our specialized expertise empowers you to showcase your existing, prototype, or new products with unmatched effectiveness and flexibility. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional product studio photography – embrace the future of visual marketing!

The main aim is often to create powerful and compelling images and videos for marketing campaigns. Other uses are pre-production literature for funding rounds, pre-manufacture orders and kick starter product launches.

Our 3d product marketing experience ranges from consumer electronics to industrial engineering to bathroom suites to perfume bottles.

oil platform tank cutaway diagram

What are the benefits of CGI Product Visualisation?

Versatility, consistency, hyper real images and incredible levels of detail are just a few of the benefits of 3d product visualization.

Here are a few reasons why Computer Generated Images are such an effective tool for retailers and marketing campaigns.

1- High quality photo shoot locations.

Create the perfect setting, environment and lighting to showcase your product.

A common marketing strategy to engage and influence potential buyers with product placement. With CGI created images we can place your product can in a whole range of high end and exotic locations. The purpose is for the buyer to picture themselves in the scene with the product. It is subconsciously implied that the lifestyle in the image is linked to the purchase of the product.

Atmosphere and emotion and can be used to create a story for your product. This will make your product and brand stand out in the noisy modern world of online advertising.

Our studio can either build from scratch or buy-in a huge range of complete 3d locations. Another option is to 3d capture a real world location and create a 3d model. Alternatively a 2d High Dynamic Range spherical photograph can be taken in a real-world location. This image can then be used to create realistic lighting, reflections and background for a 3d model of your product. Each of these methods has pros and cons depending on the project.

3d interior rendering of a fitted kitchen
bathroom product shot for catalogue

2- Easily re-shoot CGI images.

Keep the consistency of your marketing images for years to come. If new branding is required or changes and updates to a product line even years in the future the sets, props, lighting, camera etc will be identical. We don’t even charge a restart fee.

CGI bathrooms for product catalogue

3- CGI cut away views, exploded views and x-ray shots

These are easy effects for CGI product renderings. This helps the customer understand the product’s inner workings. As well as bringing the product to life there is the ability to emphasize key advantages over competitors’ products. For engineering customers isometric views are also easy to achieve.

exploded view of a 4K dash cam

Click and drag on the slider below to reveal the cutaway product view.

industrial gas pipeline flame arrester for manufacturers product catalog cut through industrial gas pipeline component
CGI explosion for VFX

4- Animations and special effects.

If you need dynamic simulations of water, fire, smoke, explosions or collisions we have the latest CGI tools to explain and sell any aspect of your product. In addition we can grab your customers’ attention instantly and bring your product to life with high quality animation.

computer generated dynamic simulation of falling objects
close up image of camera for ecommerce

5- Highlight the smallest product details.

Hyper real high-quality 3D rendering can show the smallest details with amazing precision. Allow the customer to examine the smallest details to showcase the high quality of your product with CGI images.

For e-commerce and online  sales this level of detail can engage customers when there is no opportunity to view the physical product in person.

industrial shelving CAD image for exhibition stand

6- 360 degree panoramic views and online 3d models.

Offplan3d offers a whole line of advanced 3D visualization services for creating interactive and immersive content. From online 3d model viewers to complete 360 degree interactive environments, the range of uses for new media and CGI are increasing.

We only use the most tried and tested new online 3d technologies with the highest customer ease of use.

Our Product Visualisation services

Producing and photographing a physical prototype for a simple product packshot can be time consuming and expensive. Our CGI product visualisation service is a fast and cost effective alternative.

We are a full service CGI animation studio with 15 years experience of producing animated videos that explain, entertain and sell. What ever your product we have the ability to market it successfully.

We have had sucess working with several engineering companies in the UK and abroad, ranging from startups to multi-nationals. Click above to find out more.

Our 3d Product Visualisation Portfolio

How to market your product with 3d renderings and videos

We have worked with many product marketing strategies.

CGI product images can be used for-

  • print brochures,
  • trade show displays,
  • websites.

While CGI product videos can be used with

  • e-commerce,
  • websites,
  • social media content and advertising,
  • exhibition stand video displays,
  • TV advertising
  • in store video displays
  • after market customer care and ‘in the box’ quick start guides can explain the products usage and setup.

We are happy to discuss how CGI can fit into your marketing funnel strategy.

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Put your product CAD models to good use

We can importing 3d CAD files from all the major applications e.g AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor or Catia. We have upheld Non Disclosure Agreements from feature film pilots to international manufacturing companies for over 15 years. Complete trust is a large part of our USP as we have worked on many market sensitive new product launches.

Or we can build your product 3D model from scratch.

What is CGI and how to use it in Product Marketing

We made this video (about 10 years ago) to explain how, why and where to use CGI in product marketing. It explains a few of the marketing benefits.

CGI is such a fast developing medium that you are really best to talk to us about what you want to achieve and let us suggest the best solutions. We don’t hard sell or over promise. Our goal is satisfied and therefore long term clients.