How to make an animated video of an engineering product

cutaway of an engineering component gas pipeline flame arrester CG image to explain function

Our company produces photo-real CGI technical animation videos and still images to professionally market your products. These videos explain difficult mechanical concepts in ways that would otherwise be impossible with traditional live action video. We aren’t engineers but can produce videos that will quickly explain your product to your audience.

If you already have CAD files then we can convert these 3d models, add any extra parts required, add any surface materials you can imagine, add a real world or studio photo-set and lighting.

What are the benefits of 3d technical animation in industrial marketing?

boiler cutaway to explain function in a catalogue

3d computer animation allows for some unique techniques to showcase your product. Cutaway shots can easily show the inner working of a machine. Also x-ray shots can add semi-transparency to certain parts of a machine. We can also swap our real world cameras to produce Isometric views.

Anything, anywhere you can imagine

From sub-sea oil and gas rigs to microscopic medical products to aerospace industries. We can visualize and make a video in any environment you can imagine. Live action filming in these locations would either be prohibitively expensive or physically impossible. This includes the military, navy and defense sectors.

illustrated cut-away view of an indutrial process

Years of experience marketing for engineering businesses

CGI exploded view of a machine part

We have worked with many  different engineering sector companies over the years. This allows us to understand you and your customer. Our videos connect and deliver your message quickly and efficiently.

animated graph to explain an industrial component

 Are your key marketing points ‘dry’ or hard to understand? Do your customers really want to spend hours reading white papers or sift through pages of graph results.

We produce videos and images that grab your target audience and deliver your message quickly and easily.

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explainer video to show engineering assembly
explainer video for plastic injection molding company

We can produce high quality realistic computer generated images for pre-production literature. Our product marketing videos can take center stage on your website to quickly and easily explain or sell your product. These videos and images can be used to secure funding rounds or crowd funding startups. We can produce much more polished marketing materials than photographing physical prototypes.


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