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Product launch videos

Our product launch videos have been used from Startup funding events to major international shows to online Kickstarter websites.

We can guide startup businesses on how to produce low budget but high ROI animations. Equally we are at home working with marketing departments and PR/ Ad Agencies for larger clients.

Exhibition video displays

We have produced many videos for international exhibitions from the Oil and Gas sector to Consumer Electronics. From single point of sale displays to synchronized multi-screens to push button kiosks.

Demonstration videos

An animated video can quickly and clearly demonstrate what your product does and how it works. We can

Instruction and quick-start videos

As well as producing Quick Start instruction leaflets we can also produce clear and concise instructional videos. This can help your customer quickly and easily understand how to setup and use your product. The advantages here are

1- Fewer calls to your customer help desk

2- An improved after market customer experience leading to brand loyalty.