What is a Product Explainer Video?

This is a short animated video which explains your products’ key benefits to the consumer. Your message should engage the customers attention and be delivered clearly and quickly.

If this sounds like something that would help you sell your product then we are the people to provide these videos.

We understand the marketing process and can provide effective product marketing videos that deliver a ROI.

For more information on the various types and styles of explainer videos please see our webpage.

explainer video for plastic injection molding company

The basics of producing a Product Explainer Video

animated graph to explain an industrial component

As with any marketing it is vital that you understand your target audience and core messages before any sort of media production begins. This research and planning stage takes time and effort.

Often inexperienced marketing people will ask for ‘a video’ to be produced with very little thought put into it. Their idea being to see how it works and then make changes afterwards. However creating a finished video takes a lot of time and therefore expense.

Making fundamental changes to a finished video isn’t an economically realistic way to work. Therefore planning is essential before production begins.

Also the production process is broken down into phases which must be signed-off before the next one begins.

Below we have also listed a few product orientated explainer video types-

Product launch videos

Our product launch videos have been used from Startup funding events to major international shows to online Kickstarter websites.

We can guide startup businesses on how to produce low budget but high ROI animations. Equally we are at home working with marketing departments and PR/ Ad Agencies for larger clients.

Exhibition video displays

illustrated cut-away view of an indutrial process

We have produced many videos for international exhibitions from the Oil and Gas sector to Consumer Electronics. From single point of sale displays to synchronized multi-screens to push button kiosks.

Demonstration videos

3d computer animation allows for some unique techniques to showcase your product. Cutaway shots can easily show the inner working of a machine. Also x-ray shots can add semi-transparency to certain parts of a machine. We can also swap our real world cameras to produce Isometric views.

boiler cutaway to explain function in a catalogue

Instruction and quick-start videos

As well as producing Quick Start instruction leaflets we can also produce clear and concise instructional videos. This can help your customer quickly and easily understand how to setup and use your product. The advantages here are

1- Fewer calls to your customer help desk

2- An improved after market customer experience leading to brand loyalty.

For further information about how we can help you produce professional marketing videos please contact us for an informal chat.