Quick start video product guides

Our studio produces consumer electronics quick start video guides for our customers. These videos are either included on an enclosed DVD or increasingly via a QR Code printed on the product packaging. This is a key after market strategy that builds brand loyalty and lowers returns due to customers not being able to correctly operate the electronics product. Printed versions of these simple installation instructions have also be produced by Offplan3d
product installation guide video

In-store video displays for consumer electronics video marketing

Over the last 15 years we have produced in-store marketing videos for many of the largest high street POS retail chains. Our focus has been on the consumer electronics sector.  Product we have covered have ranged from in-car DVD players, to tablets, to DAB radios, to dash cams to televisions. Retail locations have varied  from Halfords to John Lewis to Marks & Spencer’s. We have produced retail POS gondola and merchandising video displays for several countries and languages. For an overview of how you can benefit from our CGI product marketing video see our main page.

in store POS mechandizing display video

Exhibition display videos for the world's largest consumer electronics shows

Our 3d animated marketing videos have been shown at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show for many years. Our videos have also been shown at Europe’s largest consumer electronics fair, the Berlin IFA show. In addition we also provide ultra high resolution still images for exhibition stands up to 5 meters wide. For more info on the next CES Vegas Show.

Nextbase CES exhibition display

Ecommerce consumer electronics marketing videos

Online shopping can greatly benefit from high quality videos, images and online 3d displays. This is increasingly important with the lack of physical interaction and first hand viewing is not possible. The CGI videos we produce can easily show key consumer benefits. These can include difficult to show  cut away views, exploded views and ultra close-up shots.

e-commerce sales and marketing video

Product configurators and interactive 3d displays

To accompany the videos and images we also produce online 3d displays. Consumer electronics product marketing can greatly benefit from our groundbreaking web 3d technology. We can produce innovative online 3d product displays. Find out more about the exciting new innovations in online 3d displays and product configurators.

online 3d product configurator

Explainer videos for complex high-tech electronics

New or technical electronics products often require careful explanation of  the benefits to the unfamiliar consumer. Offplan3d has long been in the business of producing these videos. We can quickly and easily explain even the most complex products to your potential consumers. Your  customer gains an insight into the exciting new features your product offers. This leads to your sales increasing.

CGI circuit board image

Consumer electronics video marketing examples-

Below we have shown a few examples of consumer electronics video marketing. Our 3d animation studio has produced these marketing video over the last 15 years.

DAB radio players marketing video

The marketing video we produced for the Nextbase in-car DAB player showed the radios’ high end features and ease of use to the consumer. This example of consumer electronics video marketing used a simple but smooth video style. Combined with easy to understand customer benefits and product features.

Kitchen under cabinet flip down television in-store video display

The marketing video we produced for this stylish home electronics product was shown in John Lewis shops. As well as the convenience and high-end performance, we also showcased the ground-breaking new features of this fold down television.

Waterproof bathroom TV's sales video

This sales and installation video was produced for our client in 2010. Explaining the benefits of this waterproof 240volt television set into a wet room was a challenge. It had to look quick and easy as well as stylish when fitted. We used a range of computer generated imagery to take the customers CAD model and integrate it into various 3d animated locations.

Portable and in-car DVD players promo video

Offplan3d produced marketing videos for 12 different portable in-car DVD players. The videos also highlighted and explained the easy installation of the product.

Car Tablet headrest mount explainer video

Our client was a manufacturer of Android Tablets and their car headrest mount docking stations. This product video was mainly aimed at parents and children on long car journeys. We produced the final video in several languages for both the European and Far Eastern electronics markets.

4K Dash Cams e-commerce video marketing

Showing our clients customers the amazing high resolution video recordings and playback of these 4K cameras was quite a challenge. Also selling the benefits of this feature was key to the success of this sales video. Alexa voice command integration was also a key feature for the buying public.

Specialist dash cams product explainers

Our studio has produced around 17 dash cam marketing videos for a wide range of products and uses. From motorcycle helmet mounted cameras, to front and rear facing to rear view mirror mounted. Our experience of the consumer electronics marketing business goes back over 15 years.

Mini dash cams product fitting video production

These dashcams were aimed at the commercial fleet vehicle market. The key features our videos focused on where the discrete size, tamperproof design, and extreme ease to use. At the time these were original and revolutionary features. The online videos also showed the advanced software features and extraordinary Smartphone integration.

Software demo videos

Our customers have also called on us to create demonstration videos explaining the use of new software to their potential Government customers. Unfortunately this project is covered by a Non Disclosure Agreement.