High quality CGI studio photography

Send us your CAD product 3d model and we can quickly and easily produce high quality studio photographs. Even if you don’t have a CAD model we can create a highly detailed 3d model from scratch. For difficult to model products such as food or organic objects we can scan the actual product (or even an entire village) to create a highly accurate CGI model. Once we have the 3d model, the fun really begins. We have the instant flexibility to shoot your product in 100’s of real world locations from a Barcelona rooftop to a Pacific beach to a California kitchen. We also have 20 years experienced in studio photography from medium format cameras to the latest CGI techniques.

Were other packshot studios finish we are just getting started…

Interactive 3d product photos

Our years working with Facebook app developers allows us to produce various interactive 3d images of you product. These don’t require any special headsets and work easily on all platforms. We use the power of the mobile devices to effortlessly manipulate and navigate the 3d space and your product.

Our 15 years of programming online interactive 3d are essential. Lots of new tech falls by the wayside but we value works for long term stability over bleeding edge tech.

We also fully support viewing of online 3d product models on PC’s and laptops while recognizing the consumer device usage trends.