We can 3D capture real world objects, people, buildings and landscapes. The example shown below was captured in our studio in 2015 with an DSLR camera. Please click to start the model viewer and click and drag to rotate (scroll to zoom, Right Mouse Button to move).


Below is a 3d model viewer we made as an aerial shot test. An aerial drone used GPS grid locations for an even shot distribution of 300 photographs. We have previously tested orbital drone flying patterns with less sucess The online version shown below has been compressed down to about 10% of it’s original detail (500k polygons but no texture compression) for faster loading and interaction. Please zoom in to see the full detail we have captured- click the ‘?’ below for mouse navigation help.

The original high resolution 3d model can still be used in our 3d Animation Software for adding further CG objects e.g new houses, people, cars etc. to produce marketing videos or still images as required.

This early 3d test scan we made of a local village has other Computer Generated elements added (our logo). Objects from the original scan could also be removed e.g to replace an existing house with a proposed property-

Shooting drone images to match the requirements of the photogrammetry software required some practice but also an understanding of how the software works. Here is a link to a much more optimal drone based scan (this may be slow to interact as it is 8x larger file than our example above)