3d Reality Capture

Our animation studio can capture real world objects, people, buildings and landscapes and process this data to create CGI models.

The test shown below was captured in our studio in about 10 years ago.

3d scanning and 3d model capture

3d model viewer

To load the online 3d model viewer please click to the right.

Navigate the 3d scene by click and drag to rotate, scroll to zoom and Right Mouse Button to move. If you are using a mobile device use single finger to rotate, two fingers to move and two finger pinch to zoom.

For more information and examples of the uses of interactive online 3d models please see our webpage.

Our studio can create a 3d model of a clients’ existing property or building site using photographs from our drone service.

Opposite is a development site 3d scan test. We used our drone to shoot an evenly distributed series of 300 aerial photographs. The online version shown here has been compressed down to about 10% of it’s original detail for faster loading and online interaction.

Please click to load the model and zoom in to see the full- click the ‘?’ for mouse navigation help.

Original development site 3d model viewer

This CGI model can then either be made into an online interactive 3d viewer or have other CGI buildings added to it.

The site model and the additional new building models can be combined and presented in a number of ways such as the video test opposite.

The original high resolution 3d model can still be used in our 3d Animation Software. For example we can add further CG objects such as new houses, people, cars etc. to produce high quality marketing videos or still images.

Video produced from site scans combined with our logo 3d model

This early 3d test scan we made of a local village has other Computer Generated elements added. Objects from the original scan could also be removed e.g to replace an existing house with a proposed property.

3d model created via photogrammetery with added CGI elements
architectural visualisation 3d scan before architectural visualisation 3d scan

The alternative to 3d scanning and model creation is 3d match moving from video. This involves a CGI camera being created and animated to match the position of the real world camera. CGI objects can then be added over the top of the original video footage. This can be quite a tricky process

3d match moving camera tracking video test

3d match moving camera tracking video test

We can use your scanned 3d product model in a massive range of marketing methods. From still images for Pack Shots to e-commerce videos to online interactive 3d product displays.

Where 3d scanning is particularly useful is for complex or soft organic shaped objects such as food, clothing, soft furniture etc. Generally CAD models are already available for ‘hard surface’ products so 3d scanning shouldn’t be necessary. However if no 3d model is available we can scratch build a highly accurate CAD product models in our studio.

real world objects scanned to create CGI 3d models