CGI architectural visualization

Our architectural visualization studio produces photo-real CGI images, videos and immersive environments for new and proposed building projects. Clients include building developers, architects and estate agents. The visual solutions we provide are innovative and focused on delivering high quality results.

The range of residential projects we cover goes from new homes estates to apartment buildings. In addition we also create CGI images for commercial building projects such as planetariums, hotels, churches and business parks.

As well estate agent marketing images we also supply CGI images to support planning applications. These include Visual Assesment and Verified View images which aid your planning application.

Why use Offplan3d?

Our company has years of architectural training and in-depth knowledge of high end 3d computer animation, photography and film making. Combined together this means we can quickly and accurately turn your plans into the images and videos shown above.

However we also go way beyond where most Arch Viz studios end…

making CGI model from architects plans

Online 3d displays for property marketing

360 degree interactive images

Interactive immersive environments enhance your clients’ engagement with your building project. These 360 degree environments give your customer the 3d feel to your interior spaces. This can be especially useful with tight interior spaces that single images would fail to capture.

Immersive displays include ‘magic window’ Facebook spherical environments. To navigate using your mobile devices gyro please use this link to open the Facebook App 360 viewer.

Interactive 3d building models

Please click above to load the 3d display. Left Mouse button to rotate. Right Mouse Button to move. Scroll to zoom.

We created the 3d model above from architects plans. There are limitations on these online 3d models which make them more suited to exterior orbit property views. Another option here would have been to include a button to remove exterior walls to show the building interior.

Drone 3d site scanning

Please click above to load the 3d display. Left Mouse button to rotate. Right Mouse Button to move. Scroll to zoom.

The 3d model opposite was created from an aerial drone scan. This is useful for adding or deleting proposed buildings. This uses scanned data and not CGI models created by Offplan3d. The scan resolution becomes an issue when zooming in for extreme close ups.

How CGI visualisation can help you

Cross section architectural visualisation image of building project

Cross sections and cut-away images

Producing images of difficult to photograph areas of a building can be a challenge. However our CGI experts can use techniques like cut-aways, cross sections or removal of walls, roofs or neighbouring buildings. These techniques allow us to showcase your new building schemes as effective property marketing or planning submissions images.

Interior design & lifestyle property images

We can produce property marketing images to show the aspirational ‘lifestyle’ you would like associated with your new build. There are huge 3d model libraries of modern interiors we can modify to create just the right look.

Our architectural interior rendering service uses our design and photographic skills to produce interior photographs that will sell your property.

Sometimes a smaller un-furnished room is a better option as it looks bigger when less cluttered. To chat about what may work best for you call 01237 45 23 23

architectural visualisation interior design image
Sunlight mapping architectural visualisation for achitectural visualisation

Accurate sunlight modelling and shadow cast analysis

Our 3d visualisation software can produce exact light and shadow images and videos based on the date, time and geographical location of your building. This can be used as a planning aid.

our projects portfolio

Planetarium CGI architectural visualisation

Planetarium CGI rendering service

Europes' largest Planetarium, Welsh answer to the Eden Project as one of the counties largest tourist attractions. These images and videos were commissioned to raise funding from Government bodies.
house thumbnail

South Devon CGI renderings

Our brief for this South Devon CGI rendering project was to produce 8 high resolution images. These images from the two new build homes were to be used for estate
estate agent marketing photogrph of new build

Residential Housing CGI Devon

The purpose of this residential housing CGI project in Devon was to produce estate agent marketing images. The supplied architects plans and elevations were used to build the basic 3d
apartment building estate agent image

New build apartments CGI

This CGI project from 2006 shows a new build apartment block in Newport, Wales.
manor house with cgi model extension

Marketing a listed building using our CGI and drone service

Adding CGI to an existing listed building​ CGI and listed buildings may initially seem to have little in common. However we will show you here how well they can work

How much does it cost to get CGI renders from architects plans?

We have broken down the CGI Architectural Visualisation work we produce into 4 price brackets ranging from £200 up to £10,000. However due to the diverse range of jobs your best option is to contact us by email or ring 01237 45 23 23

How does the CGI process work?

We create our images using 3d animation software. The first step is to build CGI models from supplied plans and elevations.

Secondly we add CGI surface materials, lighting and cameras.

The third step is adding ‘set dressing’ props such as furniture, people, cars, vegetation, trees, background images and skies.

The fourth step is to produce a final image from the wireframe data. This involves computer processing time that can vary from 5 minutes upto 100’s of hours. Smaller jobs are processed in-house but large jobs are processed on a Cloud Render Farm.

The price of a job depends on the extras added to the basic building model. In addition the cloud computer processing or ‘rendering’ time for video can add to our costs.

Types of architectural visualisation we produce

aerial photograph with CGI architectural visualisation added

Still images for property marketing

Still images for estate agent marketing literature are the most essential form of CGI architectural visualisation. These can range from our property exterior marketing images to creating CGI building interiors to plan views to cross sections.

High resolution images for large scale site boards are another of our studios’ specialties.

Walk-though and fly-through videos

Creating an animated 3D walk through or fly through video is a great way to show your new build to potential customers.

CGI video is made of 25 still images per second, the same way a real world video camera works. So instead of 5 minutes for a still image, a one minute video would be 125 hours of computer processing time.

This is why video is more expensive than still images.

Verified View original image

At Offplan3d our Verified Views service can accurately composite the image of your proposed development onto an existing site photograph. First we photograph the views requested and take the camera GPS data, time, date and site measurements.

Second we build a 3d model of your new building.

Third we match the CGI lighting, camera position and lens to that of the original real world camera.

Fourth we make a rendered image of the 3d model and composite it on top of the original photograph in Adobe Photoshop.