Our studio produces photo-real architectural visualisation images, videos and immersive environments for new and proposed building projects. Our clients are building developers, architects and estate agents.

We use 3d computer programs to build models of your buildings from supplied plans and elevations. Surface materials, lighting and cameras are then added. To add extra realism we can add furniture, people, cars, vegetation, trees, background images and skies.

Once all the 3d modelling work has been completed we can create the final renderings, or CGI photographs, of your building. Rendering is a very computer intensive operation.

To create a video we render thousands of these still images. This is the same way a real world video camera works. The much higher computer processing time for video (often 100’s of hours) is why video is more expensive than just a few still images.

Photo real images and videos. Our studio creates images using physically real lighting, surface materials and cameras. The result is 100% realistic rendered images that are no different from real world photographs.

Hand drawn architectural sketches may be pretty to look at. However the customer will be more interested in exactly how their new building will look.

architectural visualisation image of an apartment block
Sunlight mapping iamge for achitectural visualisation

Daylight and sunlight modelling and shadow cast analysis. We can give exact light and shadow images and videos based on the date, time and geographical location of your building. This can be used as a planning aid.

Special effect views. We can produce images of difficult to photograph area of a building. Using cut-aways, cross sections or removal of walls, roofs or neighbouring buildings. Also we can produce immersive 360 degree images of smaller rooms and tighter spaces such as bathrooms.

Cross section image of building project

Design tool– you no longer need to just imagine how various types of brick, cladding or roofing material will look on your new buildings. We can help you show various material options for your clients to choose from.

Interior design– trying to sell the interior of a building be can quite challenging. An un-furnished room is just an empty box with a window.  Our archviz service uses design and photographic skills to produce interior photographs that sell your property. The key point is that the viewer should be able to imagine them self using the room. This is where our knowledge of aspirational marketing comes into play. 

archviz interior design image

Still images for estate agents. These can range from 3d plan views, 

Walk-though and fly-through videos.

Photomontage of your new building into an existing photograph. First we build a 3d model of your new building. Next we match the CGI lighting, camera position and lens to that of the original photograph. We then make a  rendered image of the 3d model and composite it on top of the original photograph in Adobe Photoshop.


3d scanning of your building site and adding new building as 3d models. For aerial videos with new buildings it can be easier to create a CGI 3d model of your existing building site. Camera tracking an aerial video shot to calculate the animated 3d camera position can be problematic without the correct tracking marker and camera shots.


Immersive displays, online 3d models.


We can produce high quality realistic computer generated images

Architectural marketing portfolio

Planetarium Wales

Europes' largest Planetarium, Welsh answer to the Eden Project as one of the counties largest tourist attractions. These images and videos were commissioned to raise funding from Government bodies.
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DVD Title Sequence

A DVD title sequence. Ben Law has previously been featured on Grand Designs and has written several books on his specialist subject of working with natural timber. The client felt
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South Devon homes architectural visualisation

The brief for this architectural visualization project was to produce 4 high resolution images from each property for estate agent publicity literature. The photoshere images shown below where an added
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Residential Housing

This project was to produce still and video marketing images from the supplied architects plans and elevations. The project was shelved before the interior modelling was completed. The test online
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Newport Apartments

Originally an architectural project from 2006, we have updated the images with our new rendering software V-Ray. A full set of interiors and furniture were added to the original job.
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3d architectural rendering

Interior Design

We can use either pre-built interior 3d models or we can either design or build from scratch using photo references.


We have built many baths using only rough photo references and basic dimensions. The resulting 3D models have been used to produce videos and still images for use in print brochures, websites, exhibition stand graphics and video displays.


Please allow a few seconds for the high resolution VR image opposite to load.

If viewing on a mobile device simply point in the direction you want to look.

If viewing on a PC/Laptop click and drag on the image opposite to navigate.

These photo spheres are natively supported on Facebook and other social media and have a high Share/Like catch rate.

Recent Projects

Our 3d architectural rendering service is backed by our architectural training and experience of working in architects offices. Our understanding of residential

Our team of 3d artists can create high end 3d visuals from still images to fly through videos to easy to use VR viewers.

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