CGI interior renders

Our new home’s CGI interior rendering service can really help sell the aspirational ‘lifestyle’ of your new home. The aim is for your customers to picture themselves in the property e.g. sitting by the fire on a winter’s evening or looking out at the view.

An empty room just doesn’t look interesting so let us bring your four walls come to life.

south devon property visualisation image

Physically staging a room for high quality interior photography can be time consuming and expensive.

This is why most estate agents and developers now use CGI set dressing for new homes interior images.

CGI interior rendering new home bedroom

CGI Interior design

Our CGI interior design skills cover the colour palette of the room, patterns, materials, finishes, lighting design, appliances and furniture. High quality property marketing images are made by combining all these elements.

How our studio produces interior 3d renders

Before we begin, we need to understand the images you want. The more detailed your interior specification the less time wasted on revisions and therefore the less expensive the final images will be.

Architectural plans– Giving us CAD plans and elevations means we can build an exact 3d model of your interior space.

Inspirational images– If you can supply us existing images that you like this is a great starting point for a room design. Just let us know which bits you like and we can recreate something similar.

Materials and fittings list– the more information you’re able to provide us with, the better. This alows us to accurately produce photo realistic interior images.

3D model libraries– off the shelf room sets are a great starting point for kitting out an empty room. Our company can supply images of suitable CGI sets.

reference image and final cg interior render

Estate Agent photography with CGI retouching

Estate Agent interior photography with CGI

An estate agent client commisioned the above image. The actual apartment interior was photographed, by ourselves, at the second fix stage.

Flooring was to be decided by the buyer but a generic CGI wood floor was required for marketing purposes. Various exposed wires, dirt and debris were also removed in photoshop.

Photographing a tight interior space without distorsion was a challenge however the final image looked convincing enough.

The view from the windows was also photoshopped in due to the dirty glass and over-exposure issues.

It was probably have been the same amount of work to produce the whole image in CGI rather than combine the onsite photography. However our service of combining photographs and new home CGI interiors seamlessly can be useful in the right situations.