Our Verified Views Service

Verified views are architectural photo-montages produced to a high level of verifiable accuracy. Site survey data, camera GPS location, time and date are all used to create a CGI 3d environment into which the proposed CAD 3d building model is created.

It can be relatively quick and easy to create a photomontage ‘by eye’. However without the camera lens and sensor size, position, height and site survey data these ‘guess work’ images are of very limited accuracy and therefore usefulness.

Our specific procedure and supporting data can be supplied to verify the precision of the final photo-montage image. Our studio is based in Devon but we also cover site visits to Dorset and Cornwall.

Sun light and shadow, cast by the new development, can be accurately simulated using the date, time and GPS location required.

An example photomontage

Cornwall hotel CGI visualisation Cornwall hotel CGI verified view

The verified view above shows a visual assesment photomontage. The surrounding properties have had 3d outlines added to show the accuracy of our CGI process.

The architects commisioned Offplan3d to produce these images to for Naural England and the local authorities. There purpose was to show how well the proposed development blends into its’ ANOB environment. This is the opposite of an astate agents’ sales image. See more CGI rendered image of this building development.

The cost for 3 different high resolution photomontage images was £800, this included creating the new homes development basic CGI model.

What are the Benefits of Verified Views?

Accurate architectural photomontage images allow you to test your preliminary building design against its’ real world location. This fast and accurate feed-back can save lots of time and money. Another advantage is the ability of Verified Views to give early approval from local authorities and the general public.

Property developers can also increase off-plan sales with Accurate View Representation images. In addition planning application objections can often be resolved by showing the proposed structures position and scale.

cgi model of building development

How much does an architectural photomontage cost?

Job requirements can range from simple images to aid planning submission to high resolution photo-real marketing images. The level of CGI detail required largely determines the price.

A Verified View rough price range would be £250 to £2,500. For a better idea of costs ring us for chat on 01237 45 23 23 or send us a message. Or we can travel in the South West for client meetings.

How to create a Verified View

Vierified view brief

A planning report accessing the visual impact of a proposed development is often required. In order to produce this, the local planning authority or other agency, such as the ANOB, will often require specific accurate images. This info creates the brief.


Original site photos can be supplied either ourselves or the client. We are based in Devon but where travel time is an issue, client photography can reduce costs. The camera position and height will need to be recorded. This can be done using GPS/ Google Maps data and on the ground laser measurements where possible.

Site Survey

A site survey will usually already have created the developer and architects. This should include basic position and height data for adjacent buildings. Usually this is good enough depending on the job. Again if no site visit if required costs can be reduced.

3d Computer Modelling

A digital 3d model of the development is created using 2d architectural plans, elevations and cross sections.

Simplified models of the neighboring buildings are constructed to check the virtual camera position.

CGI Camera matching & Rendering

Using the photo meta data we extract lens and film sensor info to create an identical 3d Computer Generated camera. The virtual camera is then positioned using the site measurements, ordinance survey maps and GPS data. The CGI sun lighting is set to the location, time and date of the photo. The 3d model can then be rendered into an image.

Compositing/ Montage

The CGI rendered image is composited over the original photograph using advanced editing software. Any occluded parts of the 3d render are masked out. Finally, colour matching blends the image layers into one seamless Verified Montage image.

CGI view from adjacent property for planning officer

Solve planning objections with CGI

Planning CGI renders can also help developers solve specific planning objections.

Here a planning objection was raised concerning an overlooking issue.

The CG images left and right show the neighboring roof ridge-line in relation to the proposed property.

The house in South Devon is now under construction.