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An explainer is a short animated video used by many types of business. Their purpose is to explain a brand, product, service or concept in a clear and succinct way.


We can create a compelling video that can distil wide ranging and complex ideas into a viewer friendly simple story. Our explainer videos have much higher memory retention rates than other media. An ideal way of connecting with your customer emotionally by sharing your brands’ story.

Why are explainer videos so successful?

3d animated explainer video for in car entertainment

In the modern world of social media, audience attention spans are so short you only have a matter of seconds to convey your message. You need to cut through all the media noise and engage your customers quickly. Your video message should create instant understanding, inspire them to make decisions and take action.

Explainer videos are the ultimate tool for the clear and effective communication of the key points of complex topics. Deliver your message and build your brand with the incredibly versatile tool of animated explainer videos.

Where are explainer videos used?

Explainer  videos are an extremely versatile communication medium.  Uses include-

e-commerce videos

training videos

corporate marketing videos

internal communication videos

onboarding videos

customer service videos

video presentations

exhibition stand videos

in store point of sale videos

digital signage and OOH video walls

TV commercials

website videos

social media feeds and advertizing

dashcam installation and user guide 3d animated video

How we produce explainer videos

bathroom tv installation guide animated video

As a full service video production studio we produce finished videos using in-house staff. A lot of large explainer video companies will outsource your job but not us. We produce scripts, storyboards, 3d models, character animation, video editing , sound design and  voice over’s (using tried and tested external actors).

We have been creating animated explainer videos for clients since they first became a popular media format. This experience and our knowledge of marketing gives us a clear lead in this area.

Our production studio can offer you the amazing flexibility to produce any sort of animated video you can imagine. Let your imagination have no limits. We also offer consistency, meaning you can come back to us in the future and have the exactly same brand guide line style, animated characters, sets and voice overs as previous videos.

Examples of our work

Our explainer video work covers a wide range of subjects from Engineering to Human Rights to Consumer Electronics to Architecture.

Just a few of our video jobs from the last 20 years are shown here. If you have specific needs please ask us for advice.

DVD title sequence still image

Video title sequence service

Our video title sequence service created this animated title for a DVD. The client, Ben Law, has previously been featured on Grand Designs. In addition he has written several books
shelf CAD image

Van Guard manufacturing

There were multiple jobs under discussion for this large manufacturing client. The first was for a 7 meter wide exhibition backdrop. A variety of floor surface materials were tried out
2d animation whiteboard image

United Nations and Gower College Videos

This video was commissioned by United Nations to promote the Rights of the Child in Welsh schools. The hand drawn video style was first made popular around 2011 by the
Engineering CGI image

Punk Couplings video and 3d interactive

Welcome to Offplan3D: Your Gateway to Engineering Excellence At Offplan3D, we specialize in bringing engineering innovations to life through cutting-edge 3D computer animated explainer videos, vivid still illustration exploded images,

What are the main visual styles of explainer video?

Hand drawn whiteboard explainer videos are essentially illustrations where we film the drawing process. Later we edit, add effects and re-time the video to match the voice over narrative.  Price £500- £2K

Animated cartoon explainer videos can be either entirely hand drawn or CGI flat puppets. The cut out puppet type animation is the most popular due to its lower price and quicker turnaround. After Effects is the main program we use for creating 2d animated videos. We also have access to large libraries of pre-built puppets and props. This has also helped lower the price of this animation medium. Price £500- £2K

3d explainer videos are produced by creating computer generated 3d models. These objects can be moved, rotated and scaled in 3d space and animated to produce a video. We can use CGI lighting and materials to simulate the real world and create photo real images if required. Alternatively we can make the 3d objects look like hand drawn cartoons or any other style that can be imagined. Price £500- £7K

boiler cutaway to explain function in a catalogue

What are the main types of explainer video?

animated product installation video for consumer electronics company

Since explainer videos became popular in 2007 they have diversified into several main types and uses.

Over view videos– these are generalized informational videos introducing a company and the range of products or services it offers. Often a ‘tell the story of your company’ narrative is used. The aim of this is to build a less corporate and more personal emotion link from customer to company. Aimed at Awareness or lead generation.

Product Sales videos– these videos typically explain the benefits to the user of the product. Typically aimed at the awareness stage of the marketing funnel. Typically short and to the point.

Product features explainer videos– These are more detailed videos that quickly and easily explain the features and  workings of a product. Aimed at the marketing Consideration stage. Generally longer and more detailed than a marketing video.

After Market videos– These often come in the form of a DVD or website link inside the product box. They are information rather than sales driven. The idea is to explain the setup and operation of the product. Almost like a Branded video, this type of video strengthens brand loyalty by providing good after market care. This reduces the expense of telephone helplines or the frustration of online help services.

How to make an effective explainer video.

consumer electronics 3d animated dashcam explainer video

Work out what you want to achieve and create a well thought out brief.

Find multiple videos that you like. These can act as visual style references to give your video producer an idea of what you want.

Ask various studios, who’s work you like, for a price estimate. It’s unlikely you will get an accurate quote without an accurate job specification. If the price is fixed then so will be the options for the video, this is why you should discuss your needs beforehand.

Let your video producer write a strong creative script.

Work with a company that can understand you, your customers and has a track record with effective video production.

The video marketing funnel explained

The main three main functions of video in the marketing process-
1- Awareness- The critical first impression you make on your audience. This needs to be a professionally produced explainer video. It must look good and convey your message effectively.
2- Consideration- Your audience knows about you and what you have to offer. They are now looking for detailed information about your product or service to compare to your competitors offering.
3- Decision- Your audience is ready to make a decision. Video content at this stage should be about sealing the deal. Eliminating buyer’s regret with professionally made testimonials or well-produced personalized videos.
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