What is 2d animation?

Traditionally 2d animation has been in the form of hand drawn ‘cel’ animation, short for celluloid. This technique was pioneered by Walt Disney and until the last 20 years has been the main style of animation. In the western world cartoons, comics and animation has largely been aimed at children. However this is no longer the case and short animated videos are now aimed at everyone. The rise of social media as a video platform has helped create a huge demand and diversity for these animated videos.

Kinetic Typography

Our studio produces many types of animated videos for many different uses. 2d animation can be a lot faster and therefore cheaper to produce than 3d animation or live action video. There are many different types of 2d animation.

Kinetic typography, or animated text, is probably the simplest form of motion graphics. When done well this can be an extremely smooth and effective way of delivering a message.When done badly it can leave the viewer annoyed and looking away with a headache. There are various DIY online video making services that are being used to bombard Social Media with cheap and disposable kinetic type videos. However this makes it all the more important in order to stand out from the crowd a professionally produced video.

kinetic typography example

Animated 2d characters

Animated 2d Characters- ‘animation’ means ‘bringing to life’ and this can be achieved with a stick figure or a stone or a fully rigged 3d modelled creature. The point is that the animators skills brings in-animate objects to life. Often high-end 3d characters aren’t required to make an emotional connect between a viewer and a ‘character’.

For example The Simpsons would be no more effective as live action or photo-real 3d animation. However the production costs would be much higher.

Motion Graphics- animating 2d graphic shapes can be used to explain all sort of concepts. Often simple graphical shapes can work better to explain quite complex ideas.

After Effects videos

Adobe After Effects has become the standard program for producing professional 2d explainer videos. There are thousands of professionally pre-built video templates which can be fully edited. The advantage is the much lower time and cost of the final video.