Marketing Video Production Services

Offplan3d has been involved in Marketing Video Production for over 15 years. Clients’ videos have been viewed in most major retailer stores from John Lewis to Halfords and e-commerce websites. One of our clients has seen a 20 fold increase in their business since using our services.

Our first hand experience and feedback of how these campaigns have worked allows us to create world class marketing videos.


marketing video production example
product installation guide video

Unboxing and installation videos

When a customer first opens the box they are excited and impatient to use their ‘new toy’. The last thing they want is to have to read through a long winded instruction manual. This can lead to the customer not being able to operate the product. The results are time wasting calls to the manufacturers helpline or even returns.

In order to prevent the problems just mentioned our business produces unboxing and installation videos. These quick and efficient product explainer videos are easy to watch and understand. The videos can be delivered in a number of ways. Firstly a DVD included in the products’ box. Secondly a printed QR code on the packaging, this allows mobile devices to link straight to the online installation video. Thirdly a webpage address that can be easily access through a PC or laptop.

Offplan3d can also produce printed product quick start guides. These are usually line drawings aimed at very clear and direct instructions rather than glossy sales aids.

Styles of promotional video we produce

When producing marketing videos our focus is always on the message rather than just visuals. However we do understand the full range of  visual styles and when to use them. Sometimes the budget determines a simpler style and other times a complex message requires simpler graphics to clarify it.



product operation instruction video

In-store point of sale video displays

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End of isle or ‘gondola’ display systems are a prime product sales location. Our studio has worked with shop display companies to produce many videos for these in-store displays throughout Europe.

How much does a corporate marketing video costs

We produce work in the range of £200 to £20,000. Our average 2 minute video job is around £3,000 – £5,000. Still images and online 3d displays start from £100.

We can cut our time and therefore our costs by using templates and library items (from 3d models to video style projects) as starting points. However we have the ability build everything as a bespoke project (this is 90% of our work).

For more information on our research of what an average marketing video costs please see our Price  Guide page.

product unboxing video still

Our Work Portfolio

House extension CGI

House extension planning CGI

Bungalow dormer visual impact planning appeal drawings This CGI job was to show the local authority planning department the visual impact of a refused larger extension. The planning  appeal also
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Bughead face closeup CGI

Bug Head Volks Wear

Bug Head Volks Wear is a clothing and graphics brand that came out of the Aircooled Volkswagen car show scene of the 90’s. The original hand drawn cartoon artwork has
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CGI interior image of a study

CGI interior images

These CGI interior images were produced by our studio in 2022. We have researched the latest design trends to create images. The brief was to show off the interior spaces
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Eco Homes CGI image

Eco Homes CGI visualisation service

Offplan3d: Elevating Eco Home Marketing with the latest in Computer-Generated Imagery At Offplan3d, we’re not just creating images; we’re selling new homes. Our cutting-edge CGI visualizations redefine how the world
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Sidmouth planning new home

3d house renders for Planning applications

Planning submission 3d renders in Devon and Cornwall Offplan3d is a Computer Generated Image business based in the South West of England. We specialise in producing professional quality 3d house
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We have worked with a range of businesses from startups to international companies.

We are happy to discuss how CGI can most effectively fit into your marketing budget.

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