Social Media video formats

Social Media video production has been the fastest growing media type in the last few years.

Technology and media consumption are constantly diversifying fields. There are now a whole range of genres of Social Media video. This might be a headache for marketers but there are also great opportunities.

In 2018 the way we consume video tipped from TV to Mobile. Media formats have also changed and we now live in the age of the TikTok videobite.

As a video production business we can guide you through this increasingly complex and competitive business. Understanding media trends, your customers and your marketing needs are key to our business. This allows us to produce effective cutting edge media that works.

Key facts about YouTube

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and also the second largest search engine. It has created a wide variety of new video genres as well as many specialist content video channels which didn’t exist before.

Around 5 billion YouTube videos are watched everyday. The flip side is the greatly increased competition, approximately 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

Channels earning over $100,000 are increasing by 40% per year. There are 8,000 YouTube channels with more than 1 million subscribers. As you can see this is now an established and competitive marketplace for video.

Social Media marketing video

Most popular YouTube video genres

Over view videos– Lead generation- these are generalized informational videos introducing a company and the range of products/ services it offers.

Branded videos– Lead generation- the purpose of these videos is to be non obtrusive advertising. The key here is to offer the viewer a highly interesting video, with a small Branded logo watermark. Hopefully these videos will be shared along with the brand awareness.

Youtube Teaser Videos– short trailers for an up coming event/ product/ film

How to videos- one of the most popular youtube genres.

Unboxing videos- these payoff videos have proved quite addictive.

Product Review Videos- trusted reviews before making a purchase. Most people wouldn’t think of making a purchase unless they consulted online reviews first. Product reviews take online reviews a step further by allowing the viewer to actually see how a product performs. No wonder this useful video type is the #1 most popular video type on YouTube.

Best Of Videos– Compilation videos of epic fails, wins,try not to laughs etc.

Educational Videos– History, documentary or travel videos that inform or educate the viewer.

Comedy/Skit Videos– one of the most shared viral video types.

Vlogs– Mainly fashion and lifestyle videos.

LinkedIn video

LinkedIn video has only been running since 2018 which makes this a new and effective market for video. Established video channels have yet to fully emerge but growth rapid.

Instagram video

Primarily a younger demographic but with huge trending growth.

Facebook video

Although Facebook has been long been losing popularity with the younger demographic it remains a key business tool.


Twitter video


Summing up