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We can only cost a job and build models as accurately as the information supplied. If further information is supplied at a later date this will add to the time/ cost of a job.

We can only cost the job if we know how much work will be involved. So if we have to produce multiple versions of a job then the price will need to rise to reflect this. The problem lies in the fact that some clients seem to think that they aren’t getting value for money unless they have used the maximum amount of our time.

Generally we calculate our prices based on the number of hours a job will take. We don’t produce work ‘on spec’ for free with only the hope of being paid later.

This would be like asking a builder to just build ‘a house’ without any plans. Then the client could have a look and decide which bits to keep and which bits to demolish and rebuild. This might technically be possible BUT it would be extremely wasteful of time and money and possibly the whole job could collapse at a later date.

No. Although the client doesn’t need to be involved in any of the technical details, it is a very complicated process. However we do need to be very organised in our production workflow so that we know exactly what we are doing. This is why storyboarding is such a large part