Skatepark park CGI service

This quick skateboard park CGI image and online 3d model were produced by Offplan3d for a Devon council planning proposal.

Public Open Space of 35m x 60m. Proposed skatepark approximately 28m x 15m. Concrete construction.

To navigate the 3d model-    Right Mouse- Rotate      Left Mouse- Translate     Middle Mouse- Zoom             *Best viewed in Full Screen

Holiday Cottages- 3d scan and online model viewer

This 3d aerial scan was completed a couple of years ago as a ‘proof of concept’ project. The 3d model viewer below shows only 10% of our full resolution version. This could be useful for architects and developers in creating a new development or alterations and presenting the project clearly for planning approval. Another use would be property marketing to end users. This is much more effective than a drone video in that the viewer can interact with the model to see exactly the part they are interested in.

3d navigation- Right mouse button – Rotate

Left mouse button- Move sideways

Middle mouse scroll- Zoom

Planetarium CGI architectural visualisation

Planetarium CGI rendering service

Europes' largest Planetarium, Welsh answer to the Eden Project as one of the counties largest tourist attractions. These images and videos were commissioned to raise funding from Government bodies.
house thumbnail

South Devon CGI renderings

Our brief for this South Devon CGI rendering project was to produce 8 high resolution images. These images from the two new build homes were to be used for estate
residential house CGI external rendering Devon

Residential Housing CGI Devon

At Offplan3d, we take pride in transforming 2d architectural plans into captivating 3d visual realities. This basic project in Devon exemplifies our dedication to creating eye catching 3d Computer Generated
apartment building estate agent image

New build apartments CGI

This CGI project from 2006 shows a new build apartment block in Newport, Wales.
manor house with cgi model extension

Marketing a listed building using our CGI and drone service

Adding CGI to an existing listed building​ CGI and listed buildings may initially seem to have little in common. However we will show you here how well they can work

The Westward Ho! lockdown 3d animated video project

The Westward Ho! Project

We felt that during the Coronavirus lock down a lot of people had a lot of spare time to spend on social media. They were crying out for interesting and entertaining content, not just an endless news cycle stream of Covid-19 doom.

We decided that having our business shut down was an opportunity to explore producing various 3d animation ideas close to home.


Free car parking?

In 2016 local hero Rob Braddick made national news by purchasing the Seafield/ Haunted House pay & display car park and making it free. Quite rightly this was a massive hit with the public and generated lots of local and national publicity. We decided to use our architect 3d  modelling and rendering skills to see how we could improve the car park. So what better idea than to propose an even bigger and better free car park?

If you don’t know the location of this this video then maybe we should explain. Being a National Trust owned piece of land, obviously planning permission wasn’t going to happen.

This generated both fury and amusement as the online discussions went back and forth about it being ‘fake news’ or actually built.

Branded Content location before CGI effetcs Branded Content viral video created

Making Westward Ho! great again!

Following the Trump inspired US ‘anti lock-down’ demonstrations we decided the Ho! should, obviously, go one better.

We didn’t want to be too ‘preachy’ about telling people what to do but the message seems to be the consensus of opinion.

Apart from photographing the Green we also took a series of photographs to create a 3d model of the area for future animation projects.

Westward Ho!lywood, the Tinsel Town of the South West

A fitting tribute to the long list of stars who have pushed a 2p into the local amusement arcades. A somewhat shortened Westward Ho! Walk of Fame is also in the works.

The Fabulous Furry Haunted House

Seafield House AKA the Haunted House is a Westward Ho! icon. One of the most enviable locations perched on the edge of a cliff over looking the sea. Although it was lived in until a few years ago it has long looked run down, derelict, overgrown and mysterious.

Our animation studio had been working to create photo-real architectural images which required lots of long grass. This is how we came to learn CGI Fur, which also proved useful for the images below.

Now under new ownership it is rumored to become a boutique hotel or trendy wedding venue. So what better way to entice a better class of Hipster into the Ho! than by adding a furry roof?

Westward Ho! haunted house with pink furry roof
Westward Ho! haunted house with black furry roof

The image below shows the Haunted House in 2050. The last house standing in the Ho!

Social Media branded content image example

The Future of Westward Ho?

We plan to explore various weird and wonderful visions of the Ho! in the near and distance future. From climate change to dystopian post apocalypse to who knows what.

Our next few Westward Ho! Project ideas are already lined up. We will only say that they  involve interesting and entertaining ideas. There purpose is to demonstrate that, with no budget we can still capture the public’s attention in an entertaining way.

Unusual ways of grabbing attention on Social Media

Did you know the Facebook has a built in 3d model display? Most people don’t but it works well, ask us about the Facebooks 3d development over the last few years.

Even though the current 3d capabilities are very restricted compared to 2018 it’s likely they will reinstate the full version in the neat future.

The other way of using Facebook is as an interactive immersive image viewer. The gyro and accelerometer are used so the viewer simply points the mobile device like a magic window.

Some of our other work...

Bughead face closeup CGI

Bug Head Volks Wear

Bug Head Volks Wear is a clothing and graphics brand that came out of the Aircooled Volkswagen car show scene of the 90’s. The original hand drawn cartoon artwork has
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DAB radio install guide and animated marketing video

Car DAB Radio 2d explainer video example

Electronic product explainer video example We produced this product launch explainer video reusing some elements from previous video project for the same client. This consistency of style strengths the branding
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what is a dashcam video intrduction

Consumer Electronics explainer video service

Nextbase consumer electronics 2d explainer video production Welcome to our portfolio page showcasing one of our 2D animated explainer videos we crafted for the renowned consumer electronics company, Nextbase. At
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elvis character model

Elvis Votes

A personal character animation project from 2005. Character design/ modelling/ rigging/ animation/ texturing/ rendering/ compositing by Offplan3d.
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Clovelly Devon visitor center video

Clovelly visitors kiosk video

This half hour Visitor Video Display project was undertaken on a very tight budget. For example, one morning to go through the ‘archive’ of probably 10-20 thousand uncatalogued slides and
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We have worked with many national and international company marketing strategies.

CGI images can be used for-

  • print brochures,
  • trade show displays,
  • websites.

We produce videos for-

  • e-commerce,
  • websites,
  • social media content and advertising,
  • exhibition stand video displays,
  • TV advertising
  • in store video displays
  • after market customer care and ‘in the box’ quick start guides can explain the products usage and setup.

We are happy to discuss how CGI can fit into your marketing funnel strategy.

Call us today for a no obligation chat
01237 45 23 23

Drone landscape images to 3D online model

Below is a WebGL 3d model viewer with a model of Horns Cross. This was created a 360 degree drone orbit taking 150 photographs. The created 3d model file size has been reduced from 750 MB to 13 MB for fast loading and interaction. Please click the ‘?’ below for mouse navigation help.

Game Engine pros and cons for visualisation

We have been testing Unreal and Unity computer games engines to produce rendered images and output 3d objects and environments.

Unreal engine games

Not surprisingly, game engines are great at producing game apps for PC, Android or iOS with a very realistic and easy to explore environments.

However the casual visitor to a website selling products or properties may not want the hassle of downloading and installing a program. It is far easier to just look at an image or a video. Game technology can work well in a kiosk environment e.g museum or sales booth where the software is preinstalled.

Our experience is that most of our clients customers interact with them online. So any interactive 3D displays we produce must work, reliably and seamlessly, online. This means the ‘game engine’ software we can use must be built into the web browser. This is far more limited than e.g a Playstation game. It also means we have to bear in mind heaps of different operating systems, web browsers and devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs) with a wide range of graphics handling capabilities. This is achieved by using the new standard of HTML5/WebGL technology.

The most popular game engines can produce HTML5/WebGL content. However our experience is that this isn’t really good enough to offer customers. Problems include large/slow page loading times and possible out of memory issues.  A better option is to use a specialist HTML5/WebGL only production program such as Playcanvas. See this product configurator example. This produces a native Java Script based ‘game’ that is far faster loading and interacting then the bulky and slow Unreal Engine and Unity versions. We have also worked with another car company on a similar showroom configuration, but that’s a Non Disclosure Agreement job.

It is worth pointing out that the jump, in complexity and time, from producing a still image to a video to an interactive 3D display is considerable. We aim to produce finished sales or information aids for our customers without them requiring a knowledge of the technical details. Also we don’t try to sell our customers on the latest technology for the sake of it. Our goal is always to focus on achievable results such as progressing customers along the sales conversion funnel.

For more information on our Interactive 3D sales and visualisation services click on the link.

3D landscape Scanning from drone footage

It’s becoming increasingly common to digitized drone or camera footage of a location to create a 3D model. This is useful for architectural visualisation as new buildings can easily be added into the existing site (and then viewed from any angle).

The example shown below is an excellent example of what can be achieved. Your computer/device will need to be quite powerful to handle the 1.3 million polygon model.

Fast online 3d model loading and interaction

This test model was aimed at maximizing online loading and interaction efficiency by using game asset exporting techniques. The only downside of ‘baking’ the lighting information is that no animated objects can be used. Note how the advanced render features of V-Ray, such as subsurface scattering, have been transferred to this very basic browser/HTML5 based viewer.

Please Click below to activate the 3D model player.

Mouse click and drag to interact with the model or one finger- spin, two fingers- move, two fingers pinch- zoom.


Links to our friends

Links to other creative industry professionals and our clients-

dB Masters– Quality and reliable Memory card, Blu-Ray, DVD, CD and Vinyl duplication and pressing. We have worked with Marcus for many years now and would highly recommend him.

Howard Ellison- Very talented voice over actor.

Gareth Southwell- storyboarding, drawing and illustration.

Elliot Southwell- filming and editing.

October Clothing- is a t shirt printing, screen printing, garment sourcing and embroidery supplier.

Tantrwm- Quality video production and web services.