This 3d aerial scan was completed a couple of years ago as a ‘proof of concept’ project. The 3d model viewer below shows only 10% of our full resolution version. This could be useful for architects and developers in creating a new development or alterations and presenting the project clearly for planning approval. Another use would be property marketing to end users. This is much more effective than a drone video in that the viewer can interact with the model to see exactly the part they are interested in.

3d navigation- Right mouse button – Rotate

Left mouse button- Move sideways

Middle mouse scroll- Zoom

Planetarium CGI architectural visualisation

Planetarium CGI rendering service

Europes' largest Planetarium, Welsh answer to the Eden Project as one of the counties largest tourist attractions. These images and videos were commissioned to raise funding from Government bodies.
house thumbnail

South Devon CGI renderings

Our brief for this South Devon CGI rendering project was to produce 8 high resolution images. These images from the two new build homes were to be used for estate
residential house CGI external rendering Devon

Residential Housing CGI Devon

At Offplan3d, we take pride in transforming 2d architectural plans into captivating 3d visual realities. This basic project in Devon exemplifies our dedication to creating eye catching 3d Computer Generated
apartment building estate agent image

New build apartments CGI

This CGI project from 2006 shows a new build apartment block in Newport, Wales.
manor house with cgi model extension

Marketing a listed building using our CGI and drone service

Adding CGI to an existing listed building​ CGI and listed buildings may initially seem to have little in common. However we will show you here how well they can work

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