examples of animation explainer videos for marketing

Examples of animated videos and CGI marketing

These example CGI projects show some of our explainer animation videos, marketing videos, 3d visualisation and VR services. Hopefully they show how your business can benefit from our services.

We have only have space to show a small part of our best animated video and CGI work examples from the last 20 years. However if you would like to see an example of a particular type or style of work not shown here please ask us. Even if we don’t specialise in the sort of work you require, we can advise.  Our contacts in the 3d animation and related media, video, audio and games industries can help point you in the right direction.

Our media production work covers a wide range of clients and industries. These include the following-

CGI still images, or photo real 3d renders, for both online and print catalogues, packaging, websites and social advertizing.

Videos for corporate promotional, explainer, marketing videos, internal communications, OOH in-store displays, exhibition stands, online video and e-commerce video.

Interactive 3d for social media, advertizing, e-commerce, online 3d displays, and property marketing.

Either choose a portfolio category from the list below or click an image to read more.
Port Image- Planetarium- Seating Fisheye

Planetarium Wales

Europes' largest Planetarium, Welsh answer to the Eden Project as one of the counties largest tourist attractions. These images and videos were commissioned to raise funding from Government bodies.
Gainsborough 400x225

Gainsborough Baths

This job was for a client whose customers were care homes. The bathroom set had to accurately
Clovelly Thumb 500x281

Clovelly visitors kiosk video

This half hour Visitor Video Display project was undertaken on a very tight budget. For example, one
Elvis Thumb

Elvis Votes

A personal character animation project from 2005. Character design/ modelling/ rigging/ animation/ texturing/ rendering/ compositing by Offplan3d.

Nextbase 612GW Product video

For a fuller explanation of WebGL- WebGL is a cross-platform, royalty-free web standard for a low-level 3D
Fitting Thumb 500x281

Dashcam fitting instructional video

This video was included with the product as a DVD and also available online. The purpose was
House Plants Test 3

Residential Housing

This project was to produce still and video marketing images from the supplied architects plans and elevations.
Boiler Shot 4 500x372

BurBax Boilers

The computer generated image below was commissioned by a boiler manufacturer. The product shown was only at
60's Poster 2019 WEB

Graphic Design Jobs

We have been producing graphic designs and illustrations for over 30 years. Our work is now more
Mobility Thumb 500x281

Mobility Bathrooms

Please ‘double click’ the slideshow below to view in full screen This client has used our services
South Devon House 400x225

South Devon homes architectural visualisation

The brief for this architectural visualization project was to produce 4 high resolution images from each property
Vega Thumb 500x281

Vega exhibition and interactive

This job was to produce a backdrop for an exhibition display. The final artwork was delivered in
Engineering CGI image

Punk Couplings video and 3d interactive

The video below is one of several we produced to explain the operation and design of a
Nextbase CGI image

Facebook 3D Posts

This interactive model has been embedded from a Facebook 3D post. These type of posts use a
DVD title sequence still image

DVD Title Sequence

A DVD title sequence. Ben Law has previously been featured on Grand Designs and has written several
Mechanical product CGI visualisation image

PSG Injection Moulding equipment

This video is from a series of promotional still images and videos, used online and at trade
2d animation whiteboard image

United Nations and Gower College Videos

This video was commissioned by United Nations to promote the Rights of the Child in Welsh schools.

Nextbase Touch Tablet product video

A product movie for an Android tablet with in-car headrest mount and wireless headphone transmitter. We don’t

Nextbase Mirror dashcam

A marketing video to explain and sell a new dashcam from 2017 (not in production at the

iPhone App- Lightbox

This job was completed around 10 years ago for an iPhone app. The app allowed the user
Van Thumb 500x281

Van Guard manufacturing

There were multiple jobs under discussion for this large manufacturing client. The first was for a 7
Thumbnail Newport 2 500x281

Newport Apartments

Originally an architectural project from 2006, we have updated the images with our new rendering software V-Ray.
examples of animation and explainer marketing videos

We hope our 3d computer animation examples for marketing and explainer videos have helped you understand the work our studio produces.

If you would like an informal discussion on rough prices or the most effective way to communicate your message please give us a ring on 01237 45 23 23 or drop us an email.

example of best 3d animation explainer marketing videos