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Port Image- Planetarium- Seating Fisheye

Planetarium Wales

Europes' largest Planetarium, Welsh answer to the Eden Project as one of the counties largest tourist attractions. These images and videos were commissioned to raise funding from Government bodies.
South Devon House 400x225

South Devon house build

Gainsborough 400x225

Gainsborough Baths

This job was for a client whose customers were care homes. The bathroom set had to accurately reflect the clinical regulations in place while also being contemporary and show casing

Clovelly visitors kiosk video

This half hour Visitor Video Display project was undertaken on a very tight budget. For example we had one morning to go through the ‘archive’ of probably 10-20 thousand uncatalogued

Elvis Votes

A personal character animation project from 2005. Character design/ modelling/ rigging/ animation/ texturing/ rendering/ compositing by Offplan3d.

Nextbase 612GW Product video

For a fuller explanation of WebGL- WebGL is a cross-platform, royalty-free web standard for a low-level 3D graphics API based on OpenGL via the HTML5 Canvas element. Developed in 2011

Dashcam fitting instructional video

House Plants Test 3

Residential Housing

This project was to produce still and video marketing images from the supplied architects plans and elevations. The project was shelved before the interior modelling was completed. The test online

BurBax Boilers

The computer generated image below was commissioned by a boiler manufacturer. The product shown was only at a prototyping stage so traditional photograph wouldn’t have been possible. The final image

Vega controller test

A quick test to show a client how an asset (3d model) could be re-used to demonstrate the products usage in a different way.

Van Guard interactive

The 3d model opposite was built to show a customer how we could potentially solve the problems of displaying their product. The shelving units inside a small van interior would

Punk Couplings interactive

The example opposite uses the SketchFab WebGL player. The engineering component being displayed was reused from a product video we produced. This player has been around for a long time

Facebook 3D Posts

This interactive model has been embedded from a Facebook 3D post. These type of posts use a native Facebook 3D format which is set to  become the new standard for

DVD Title Sequence

A DVD title sequence. Ben Law has previously been featured on Grand Designs and has written several books on his specialist subject of working with natural timber. The client felt

PSG Injection Moulding equipment

This video is from a series of promotional still images and videos, used online and at trade show exhibitions. The largest was a linked five screen video display The emphasis

United Nations Video

This video was commissioned by United Nations to promote the Rights of the Child in Welsh schools. The hand drawn video style was first made popular around 2011 by the

Nextbase Touch Tablet product video

A product movie for an Android tablet with in-car headrest mount and wireless headphone transmitter. We don’t think this got past the trade show (Consumer Electronics Show and IFA) pre-production

Nextbase Mirror dashcam

A video to explain and sell a new dash-cam (not in production at the time of video creation). This is currently being shown in-store on POS display stands and online

iPhone App- Lightbox

This job was completed around 10 years ago for an iPhone app. The app allowed the user to build their own lighting rig and then see it working with a
60's Poster 2019 WEB

Graphic Design Jobs

We have been producing graphic designs and illustrations for over 30 years. Our work is now more focused on CGI and emerging technologies but we have a solid understanding of