House extension planning CGI

House extension CGI

Bungalow dormer visual impact planning appeal drawings

This CGI job was to show the local authority planning department the visual impact of a refused larger extension. The planning  appeal also included photographs of similar buildings in the local area and an architects statement.

As the client was on the other side of the country we were unable to photograph the site. Instead we were given images taken with their phone camera. This is much harder than dealing with SLR camera images which contain much more useful metadata.

To create the final computer generated images we first had to re-create the phone camera’s internal workings (lens, light sensor etc) in our 3D CAD program. Step 2 was to work out the camera position and 3d orientation in CAD space. Step 3 was to build the bungalow and extension 3d models. Step 4 was to render the images from the CAD program and  composite them onto the original photograph in Photoshop.

CGI CAD render of 3d model of extension

Bungalow before any extension

bungalow dormer extension proposal

The cost of this job was £200 (which is a bargain for this level of work).

Ring us on 01237 45 23 23 or 0774 808 33 33 to find out more.

Move the slider below to compare the approved and proposed extension plans.

House extension planning approval drawing CGI Arch- Dormer- 2 1800x1350 opt

CGI interior images

CGI interior image of a study

These CGI interior images were produced by our studio in 2022. We have researched the latest design trends to create images. The brief was to show off the interior spaces of this design of kit home. External CGI images of the house were also produced.

Eco Homes CGI visualisation service

Eco Homes CGI image

Offplan3d: Elevating Eco Home Marketing with the latest in Computer-Generated Imagery

At Offplan3d, we’re not just creating images; we’re selling new homes. Our cutting-edge CGI visualizations redefine how the world perceives eco homes. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we transform architectural plans into captivating visual stories that resonate with your target audience.

Bringing Eco Homes to Life

Imagine having the power to showcase your eco homes before they’re even built. Our 3d illustrations are more than just images; they’re windows into the future. By combining architectural precision with artistic flair, we breathe life into your designs. From the lush green gardens to the intricate details of windows and doors, every aspect is meticulously crafted

Elevate Your Sales Strategy

Capture the attention of potential buyers and investors with images that speak volumes. Our ultra-high-definition 4K CGI images make every detail crystal clear, even in printed sales materials. Whether you’re looking to secure deposits or make off-plan sales, our visuals empower your customers to envision their future in stunning, realistic detail

Eco Homes CGI new home

Professional Expertise

Backed by over 20 years of experience, our 3D visualization studio thrives on challenges. Armed with your plans, elevations, and photographs, we construct accurate CAD models that serve as the canvas for our creativity. Our meticulous process involves adding CGI materials, perfecting lighting, integrating props, and positioning cameras for the perfect shot. The result? A seamless blend of reality and imagination

Empowering Your Marketing Strategy

Our exterior and interior CGI render images, takes your marketing efforts to new heights. We understand the power of visuals in the digital age, and our images are designed to shine on social media, websites, print and beyond. Spark engagement, generate interest, and drive conversions as you unveil the magic of your upcoming eco homes.

Eco Homes CGI image

Affordable Excellence

Elevating your marketing doesn’t have to come at a steep cost. Our CGI render image, a masterpiece of innovation, is surprisingly accessible. Priced at just £400, this investment unlocks a world of potential for your marketing strategy. Curious about our pricing for eco homes CGI visualizations? Click here for more information or give us a call at 01237 45 23 23. We’re always ready for an informal chat about how we can amplify your success.

Join the Future Today

Embrace the power of tomorrow’s marketing today. With Offplan3d, you’re not just showcasing eco homes – you’re unveiling dreams. Welcome to a new era of visual marketing. Welcome to Offplan3d
CGI eco homes image

3d house renders for Planning applications

Sidmouth planning new home
Pre Planning application image

Planning submission 3d renders in Devon and Cornwall

Offplan3d is a Computer Generated Image business based in the South West of England. We specialise in producing professional quality 3d house renders for planning applications.

CGI 3d architectural models are created from supplied plans and elevations. Using these models we then produce computer generated images, known as 3d renders, of the building project. These images are then submitted with your planning application onto your local authority Planning Portal. From here they can be viewed by the planning department officer, parish council planning committees or the public.

CGI 3d renders have taken over from architects sketches as the best way to showcase your proposed building project. Our studio can use real world lighting and materials in a Computer Generated environment to produce highly accurate photo-real images.

Basic CGI model of house

Trained in Architecture, experienced in Planning applications

CGI view from adjacent property for planning officer

The image above shows the proposed house from the ridge line of the neighbours house.

Why use Offplan3d?– We have years of experience sitting on planning committees as well as architectural training and experience. This allows us very useful insider knowledge.

In addition having been shown our competitor quotes by our clients, we know we offer lower prices while maintaining high standards.

We cover all areas of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset although we often work further afield as well.

3d render of south devon house

Our 3d rendering service can show how the new build blends into its’ location.

planning department image

At Offplan3d we produce a wide range of CGI image styles. Wether the purpose is sales or visual assements for planning, we can provide the right solution for you.

Clear and impressive CGI property renders

detailed planning submission 3d render

The image above shows views from inside the proposed new home looking out over the neighbouring property. This is useful to assure planners there will not be any ‘over looking’ issues. Architects plans alone can miss a lot of this important information.

The advantage of 3d renders for planning– Many people can find it difficult to visualise the actual buildings represented by architects plans and elevations.

Most Councillors who sit on committees and make recommendations are usually neither architects nor builders. They can find it difficult to really visualise what is being shown to them.

This is when 3d renders really can make a big impression. Our CGI images accurately show the proposed property. In addition they also convey that the applicant is serious about getting the project approved.


3d house render with roof removed

A variety of cut-away and roof-off CGI shots can help to explain your property layout to planning departments.

Cost effective 3d renders with good ROI

How much does it cost? Prices can vary from a £100 upto £10K depending on the project and the amount/ standard of work required. This covers any budget from kitchen extensions to new build houses to the new national planetarium.

We understand how to get the required results with effective planning application 3d renders. Outline or detailed planning consent are obviously different to final sales images.

If the purpose of the CGI images was to sell the completed property to a potential homeowner then adding ‘aspirational lifestyle set dressing’ would be desirable. However this would be an expensive distraction to a planning department. By cutting out the clutter we are able to cut costs by up to half on our competitors.

Often quoted prices are given per image but the actual work is 85% 3d model creation. Once this is complete we offer additional images at low prices.To see examples of our property CGI render prices click here.

Or ring us for an informal chat about your 3d house render for planning applications requirements on 01237 45 23 23

Easy and accurate 3d visualisation for planning

Our clients– vary from architects and design firms, to design and build, architectural designers and planning consultants.

Daylight studies- Using the location, date and time of day our software can show exact sunlight and shadows for your property.

Amendments– the planning department will often reject an application and make recommendations at the early stages of outline planning. Our existing 3d house model can be changed and new 3d renders produced. The additional cost of the changes will depend on the amount of work required.

Flexibility– whether you require interior 3d renders or exterior 3d renders we can produce professional results on time and budget. Cutaway  cross sectional images are another potentially useful option. We also offer online interactive 3d model viewers and immersive ‘magic window’ viewers on mobile devices.

Click the images below to enlarge. This project in Sidmouth was completed in about a week for around £1,400 in 2018

To find out more about 3d house renders for planning applications please send us a message or ring for a chat on 01237 45 23 23

Sidmouth new home CGI

Estate agent drone videos in devon

Drone video service Devon

Welcome to Offplan3D: Elevating Estate Agent Marketing in Devon

At Offplan3D, we’ve taken our commitment to excellence to new heights – quite literally! We are thrilled to introduce our in-house drone filming service designed for estate agents in Devon and the South West. With a focus on greater reliability, uncompromising quality, and competitive pricing, we are your partners in capturing stunning aerial perspectives that truly showcase the essence of every property.

1. Aerial Filming and Photography:

Our advanced drone technology captures, in 4K video, the breathtaking beauty of properties and landscapes from a perspective that was once only a dream. Our skilled operators ensure seamless shots that highlight the unique features of each property, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.

2. Architectural CGI Visualization:

At Offplan3D, we fuse creativity with technology. We offer the perfect blend of aerial imagery and architectural CGI visualization. This powerful combination provides your clients with a complete understanding of a property’s potential, both inside and out.

Why Choose Offplan3d?

  1. Reliability: We understand the importance of delivering on time. With our local presence in North Devon, we can adapt quickly to changing weather conditions, ensuring optimal filming conditions at short notice.
  2. Quality: Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality 4K visuals that truly captivate your audience. Every shot, every angle is meticulously crafted and edited to present properties in the best light.
  3. Price Advantage: We believe in providing exceptional value for your investment. Our pricing is competitive and tailored to offer you cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  4. Local Advantage: Based in North Devon, we are strategically positioned to cater to estate agents in Bideford and Barnstaple. Say goodbye to travel charges for locations within 20 miles – a benefit of choosing a local drone operator.


We believe in transparency, and our pricing reflects that. The showcased project, which includes captivating video and still images, was expertly priced at just £300. For a comprehensive list of our drone service prices, please visit our drone service price list page.

Want to know more?

Ready to take your property marketing to new heights? Reach out to us for more information about our drone services. We’re excited to partner with estate agents across Devon and help you showcase your properties in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Luxury new build CGI Cornwall

CGI architectural visualization image
luxury new build CGI marketing service image

The architectural design company asked our 3d visualisation studio to originate this luxury new build CGI and drone project in Cornwall. The proposed development site was a former hotel only a hundred meters from the beach in Marazion.

CGI visual impact assessment image service

The first part of this project was to create CGI visualization images to assist the detailed planning application. Due to the sites’ location in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty accurate visual impact photomontage images were required. This involved the production of a basic 3d CAD model of the proposed building development which was incorporated into the, client supplied, site photographs.

Cornwall hotel CGI visualisation Cornwall hotel CGI verified view
luxury homes CGI 3d modelling service

CGI images and video for estate agent marketing

The second part of the project was to produce final marketing CGI images and video.

In addition a drone video of the location was required onto which the CGI model of the new homes was to be added. This real world/CGI video compositing required testing due to technical difficulties with of the location, from the computing point of view. The issue was the lack of visual vertial reference points e.g tall buildings which would mean an inaccurate 3d solve (with CGI objects not moving exactly with the video). The alternative would be prohibitively expensive broadcast filming equiment.

Aerial filming and CGI integration service

Our visualisation studio used 3d mapping technology to plan our proposed drone service flight paths. The image below shows the legal limits for UAV flight radius and altitude around the development site.

Cornwall drone pre planning image

The proposed development buildings and site location 3d models were combined for pre-visualisation. The video below shows roughly how the final sales video of the live action drone video and CGI buildings might look.

The final CGI video would require around 250 hours of cloud  processing computer time per minute of finished video or 1,500 images. This is why pre-planning is so important.

Click here to find out more about how our studio can integrating your proposed building development CGI models into live action drone videos.

New homes CGI service

Devon new homes CGI rendering
South Devon new homes development CGI

New homes sold off-plan

Our Devon new homes CGI service built these 3d house models and generated the architectural renderings shown here. The property marketing images were commisioned by a south Devon estate agency.

Uneven site contour levels were ignored to keep the 3d modelling costs down. As only individual property images were used the client decided this wasn’t really an issue. The ‘for illustration purposes only’ caption was attached to the final estate agent marketing images.

The new homes were all reserved ‘off plan’ before our drone service was able to film the site and it’s surroundings. The issue being filming in winter with no leaves on the trees.

New homes CGI pricing

The 4 different high resolution property images were produced for budget price of circa £1,200.

Higher quality work is available but takes longer and therfore costs more.

Changing building materials

New housing developments often run into building supply issues. The projects’ schedule of finishes changed, at the last minute, from 15mm dark grey concrete roof tiles to light grey slates.

Luckily we were able to alter the roof tile colour and not rebuild all the roofs with the thinner slates. No additional charges were made for the extra work.

Marketing a listed building using our CGI and drone service

manor house with cgi model extension

Adding CGI to an existing listed building​

CGI and listed buildings may initially seem to have little in common. However we will show you here how well they can work together for property marketing.

Salston Manor photograph of listed building during renovation work Salston Manor CGI added to listed building

This CGI, drone and photography service was for an 18th century Manor house near Ottery Saint Mary in South Devon. The main house had been derelict for several years with staircases and floors missing.

Our job was to provide the estate agents with print and online marketing images before building works had finished.

We visited the site and photographed the exterior, interior and took aerial  video and images with our drone.

Back in our office we recreated the camera and building site in 3d space on our computers. We then used the architects plans to build the unfinished parts of the building and added these CGI elements to the original photograph. Various parts of the building and grounds were also ‘photoshopped’ to tidy them up. The final estate agent images were A4 at print resolution.

Manor house CGI drone image Manor house before CGI

Interior photographs with CGI added

Initially the plan had been to produce fully set dressed CGI interior images. However this was later changed to taking on site photographs and adding the final flooring and removal of building debris and dirt.

A lot of the rooms were actually pretty small and difficult to photograph. To solve this problem we had to take several photographs and then photoshop them together. This gave a good impression of the rooms without too much ‘fish-eye’ distortion.

manor house interior with CGI

Phase two of the manor house CGI project

Around 12 additional houses are proposed for phase two of this project. They are to be built in the grounds of the manor house and we hope to be able to add the images here…

Residential Housing CGI Devon

residential house CGI external rendering Devon

At Offplan3d, we take pride in transforming 2d architectural plans into captivating 3d visual realities. This basic project in Devon exemplifies our dedication to creating eye catching 3d Computer Generated rendered representations for estate agent marketing, breathing life into blueprints and designs.

The supplied architects’ plans and elevations were used to build the basic 3d house model. For added realism, CGI surface materials were then added to the 3d model.

Next, the basic house model was ‘set dressed’ by adding details such as curtains, plants, people and cars. Finally, CGI lighting and skies were added along with cameras to take the images below.

Our property marketing CGI work covers Devon, the South west and also further afield.

The interactive 3d model to the right was added by ourselves as a quick test.

Although obviously unfinished it is useful to showcase what is possible in online property marketing.

A finished example of a 3d model that we fully optimise for speed and realistic lighting can be seen here.