Car DAB Radio 2d explainer video example

DAB radio install guide and animated marketing video

Electronic product explainer video example

We produced this product launch explainer video reusing some elements from previous video project for the same client. This consistency of style strengths the branding but also lowers production costs. The client has a range of consumer electronics products and we have successfully produced video for them over the last 15 years.

Four variations of this video were produced for different product models and with different retailer branding.

The basic message of this video is to highlight the customer ‘pain points’ and then offer the solution provided by the product.

The simplicity of the video style is designed to focus on the message rather than the visual medium. The client also wanted higher production values so we added kinetic typography, slick transitions and incorporated existing product photographs.

The video goes beyond being solely a basic explainer video as we also cover electronic product features and fitting options.

For more information on Consumer Electronics Product Video Marketing please contact us or see our price guide.

Consumer Electronics explainer video service

what is a dashcam video intrduction

Nextbase consumer electronics 2d explainer video production

Welcome to our portfolio page showcasing one of our 2D animated explainer videos we crafted for the renowned consumer electronics company, Nextbase. At Offplan3d, we’re passionate about creating captivating visual narratives that engage, inform, and leave a lasting impact.

The communication challenge

How do you swiftly and effectively elucidate the features and importance of a dash cam to the public? That was the task at hand when Nextbase approached us. They needed a way to succinctly convey the value of their dash cams to potential customers, and they turned to us for a solution.

Our approach

We took the reins right from the beginning, crafting a compelling brief and a concise script that hit all the essential points while maintaining the viewer’s interest. The goal was to make an engaging video that would educate and persuade, quickly and effectively in a crowded market.

Our Explainer Video Solution

The animated explainer video we produced was very well received. It seamlessly communicated the benefits of Nextbase’s dash cams in a clear and visually appealing manner. Moreover, we achieved this without the use of audio, as the primary display location was in-store at Point of Sale displays. This challenged us to rely solely on visuals to tell the story – a challenge we embraced with creativity and innovation.

The impact of our work

The video found its home not only in physical stores but also on Nextbase’s official website, social media channels and online shopping sites. This multi-channel approach ensured a broad reach and maximized the video’s impact. The positive response from viewers was overwhelming, as they felt a strong emotional connection with the protagonist of the video.

The creative process

Our journey didn’t stop at the first draft. While the initial video was fully 2D animated with a playful cartoon-style feel, Nextbase’s desire for a more “high-end” appearance prompted us to take a step further. We seamlessly integrated 3D animated CGI elements to elevate the video’s aesthetics and bring a touch of sophistication.

The global reach of our explainer video

Recognizing the video’s universal appeal, we later adapted it into five different language versions. This expansion aimed to break language barriers and reach audiences around the world, cementing the video’s status as a cross-cultural success.

Emotionally engaging video

 One of the most rewarding aspects of this project has been witnessing the emotional connection the audience formed with the video’s central character. By crafting a relatable story, viewers felt invested, eagerly anticipating what would happen next and rooting for a positive resolution.

Find out more

At Offplan3d, we thrive on the challenge of translating complex ideas into compelling visual stories. The Nextbase Dash Cam Explainer Video perfectly exemplifies our dedication to delivering impactful content that resonates with audiences on a profound level. Please contact us to discover how our creativity can elevate your brand’s message.

what is a dash cam explainer video storyboard

The images shown here are from the first storyboard draft before video production.

Clovelly visitors kiosk video

Clovelly Devon visitor center video

This half hour Visitor Video Display project was undertaken on a very tight budget. For example, one morning to go through the ‘archive’ of probably 10-20 thousand uncatalogued slides and photos. The script was researched and written by ourselves. The brief was to engage and entertain casual visitors to Clovelly, who has previously looked into the chapel but rarely spent any time there. But also educate about the history of the chapel and Methodism as well as try to engage the viewer with the current and future forms of worship.

One of the most basic rules of script writing/ storytelling is never to ‘preach’ (an instant turn off to most audiences) which made this project especially challenging. However as we have installed and maintained the video display we have seen first hand how well this has worked (as well as looking at the visitor book comments and increase in the donations box).

Due to the unusual religious building copyright laws (where copyrighted materials can be shown in the chapel only) only a very edited version is shown here.

iPhone App- Lightbox

computer generated image of lighting products

CGI graphics produced for an iPhone App

These CGI images were created by Offplan3d around 12 years ago for an iPhone app. The app allowed the user to build their own custom stage lighting rig. The user could then see the lights reacting to music with a sound to light controller.

All the Computer Generated Images shown here are renders from the 3D models that we built from photographs and sketches. The app images had to produced as 2d so that they could slot together correctly. However you can see from the extra publicity render to shown at the bottom that the models were all 3d objects.

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We also produce CGI product still images or packshots. Please click here for more  information on our CGI service prices

lightshow iPhone app CGI graphics

United Nations and Gower College Videos

2d animation whiteboard image

This video was commissioned by United Nations to promote the Rights of the Child in Welsh schools. The hand drawn video style was first made popular around 2011 by the Royal Society of the Arts via their series of RSA Animate video lectures.

Both a Welsh and English language version of this video were produced. We have also produce videos in other languages for our international clients.

We have produced various other hand drawn videos using different techniques and styles.

The UN video was so successful that we were asked by Gower College to produce a similar video. The purpose of this video was to explain the rules and workings of the college to new students. At almost 8 minutes long this could have easily have lost the viewers attention. However the use of a well crafted storyline and visual/audio engagement allow the messages to be conveyed successfully. A good example of info-tainment.

Gower College website

Video title sequence service

DVD title sequence still image

Our video title sequence service created this animated title for a DVD. The client, Ben Law, has previously been featured on Grand Designs. In addition he has written several books on his specialist subject of working with natural timber.

The client felt this short sequence summed up his ethos quite succinctly.

We used a mixture of 3d CGI toon style animation and 2d compositing to make this video sequence. Some of the customers original drawings were included in the title sequence.