Bug Head Volks Wear

Bughead face closeup CGI
Bug Head Volks Wear drag race CGI painting of monster Vdub and Firebird

Bug Head Volks Wear is a clothing and graphics brand that came out of the Aircooled Volkswagen car show scene of the 90’s.

The original hand drawn cartoon artwork has had a recent CGI makeover. The idea is to explore if there is enough interest to re-print some of the old designs and maybe some new ones.

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You can still buy some original 90’s New Old Stock from our print works on Ebay

Please click the gallery images below to see some of our new CGI Bughead artwork.

The original artwork ‘barn find’ video

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Some of the original t-shirt designs

bug head tshirt designs from 1990's, vee dub cult volkswagen style

Elvis Votes

elvis character model

A personal character animation project from 2005. Character design/ modelling/ rigging/ animation/ texturing/ rendering/ compositing by Offplan3d.

Clovelly visitors kiosk video

Clovelly Devon visitor center video

This half hour Visitor Video Display project was undertaken on a very tight budget. For example, one morning to go through the ‘archive’ of probably 10-20 thousand uncatalogued slides and photos. The script was researched and written by ourselves. The brief was to engage and entertain casual visitors to Clovelly, who has previously looked into the chapel but rarely spent any time there. But also educate about the history of the chapel and Methodism as well as try to engage the viewer with the current and future forms of worship.

One of the most basic rules of script writing/ storytelling is never to ‘preach’ (an instant turn off to most audiences) which made this project especially challenging. However as we have installed and maintained the video display we have seen first hand how well this has worked (as well as looking at the visitor book comments and increase in the donations box).

Due to the unusual religious building copyright laws (where copyrighted materials can be shown in the chapel only) only a very edited version is shown here.

iPhone App- Lightbox

computer generated image of lighting products

CGI graphics produced for an iPhone App

These CGI images were created by Offplan3d around 12 years ago for an iPhone app. The app allowed the user to build their own custom stage lighting rig. The user could then see the lights reacting to music with a sound to light controller.

All the Computer Generated Images shown here are renders from the 3D models that we built from photographs and sketches. The app images had to produced as 2d so that they could slot together correctly. However you can see from the extra publicity render to shown at the bottom that the models were all 3d objects.

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We also produce CGI product still images or packshots. Please click here for more  information on our CGI service prices

lightshow iPhone app CGI graphics

United Nations and Gower College Videos

2d animation whiteboard image

This video was commissioned by United Nations to promote the Rights of the Child in Welsh schools. The hand drawn video style was first made popular around 2011 by the Royal Society of the Arts via their series of RSA Animate video lectures.

Both a Welsh and English language version of this video were produced. We have also produce videos in other languages for our international clients.

We have produced various other hand drawn videos using different techniques and styles.

The UN video was so successful that we were asked by Gower College to produce a similar video. The purpose of this video was to explain the rules and workings of the college to new students. At almost 8 minutes long this could have easily have lost the viewers attention. However the use of a well crafted storyline and visual/audio engagement allow the messages to be conveyed successfully. A good example of info-tainment.

Gower College website

Video title sequence service

DVD title sequence still image

Our video title sequence service created this animated title for a DVD. The client, Ben Law, has previously been featured on Grand Designs. In addition he has written several books on his specialist subject of working with natural timber.

The client felt this short sequence summed up his ethos quite succinctly.

We used a mixture of 3d CGI toon style animation and 2d compositing to make this video sequence. Some of the customers original drawings were included in the title sequence.