Mobility Bathrooms

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This client has used our services since 2010 to produce a range of around 25 walk-in baths, showers and limited mobility bathing solutions. The videos were an after thought as the main focus was on print and web still images. The interactive 3d model display was produced as a test.

BurBax Boilers

The computer generated image below was commissioned by a boiler manufacturer. The product shown was only at a prototyping stage so traditional photograph wouldn’t have been possible. The final image was used in a print catalogue and website.

Dashcam fitting instructional video

This video was included with the product as a DVD and also available online. The purpose was to explain the fitting and basic operation of this new type of dashcam. The client saved a lot of product returns from customers who couldn’t be bothered to read the manual to be able to set the dashcam up.

Nextbase 612GW Product video

For a fuller explanation of WebGL-

WebGL is a cross-platform, royalty-free web standard for a low-level 3D graphics API based on OpenGL via the HTML5 Canvas element. Developed in 2011 and used with languages such as JavaScript.

WebGL brings plugin-free 3D to the web, implemented right into the browser. Major browser vendors Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Edge), and Mozilla (Firefox) are members of the WebGL Working Group.

This online interactive 3D model works on all platforms, devices and operating systems. The CAD model used here was ‘auto-simplified’ for cost reasons. For optimal efficiency we recommend completely re-builing from scratch but this would involve time/costs.

These online models are essentially mini ‘computer games’ where the rendering of images is completed in real-time on the viewers’ device/computer. As the variety of devices can range from old/slow to new/fast a decision must be made as to the performance versus quality of the 3D models.

Gainsborough Baths

This job was for a client whose customers were care homes. The bathroom set had to accurately reflect the clinical regulations in place while also being contemporary and show casing the bath in a attractive light. The images in the gallery above show how the final image was arrived at (in reverse order).

Vega exhibition and interactive

This job was to produce a backdrop for an exhibition display. The final artwork was delivered in ultra high resolution for a 5 meter wide print. The green lines represents radiation emitted from the level meters.

The interactive 3d model below was produced as a quick test to showcase the possibilities to the client (2014)

Van Guard manufacturing

There were multiple jobs under discussion for this large manufacturing client. The first was for a 7 meter wide exhibition backdrop. A variety of floor surface materials were tried out as well as different location options. There were also catalogue CGI images, interactive 3d models and videos to follow (2016).

The interactive 3d model below was built for the client from scratch. The 3d model we built is around 10 times faster to load and interact than the original CAD model. Also¬† photo-real lighting is ‘baked’ into the model along with using ‘real time’ lighting and reflections. This allows quick and efficient interaction with any users device.

The interactive 3d model below was built to demonstrate how we could solve the clients marketing problem. The shelving units inside a small van interior would be very difficult to convey to a customer using photography or video. A 180 degree ‘fish-eye’ lens on a camera would have a lot of distortion. Similarly using a video camera and rotating 360 degrees would lead to motion sickness (unless done very slowly, which would lose the viewers’ attention).

We achieved this by making an interactive 3d model which the customer can fully navigate in 3d space. We also made the van interior only visible from one side.

Nextbase Mirror dashcam

A marketing video to explain and sell a new dashcam from 2017 (not in production at the time of video creation).

This was shown in-store on Point Of Sale display stands and online (via the manufacturer, Nextbase, and various retailer websites e.g Halfords, Ebay).

We have produced over thirty product videos for Nextbase and their associated brands. This has covered a range of consumer electronics from Internet radios to waterproof TV’s to in-car DVD players to dash-cams.

These videos have been so successful that the UK distributor has resold them internationally. We have currently reproduced these videos in three other languages. We have also supplied videos direct to the Chinese manufacturing company.

Nextbase Touch Tablet product video

A product movie for an Android tablet with in-car headrest mount and wireless headphone transmitter. We don’t think this got past the trade show (Consumer Electronics Show and IFA) pre-production stage (probably due to a flooded market).

The video was shown on a large projected video display on the Nextbase exhibition trade stand.

We had previously produced exhibition displays running over five different but synchronized displays.

PSG Injection Moulding equipment

This video is from a series of promotional still images and videos, used online and at trade show exhibitions. The largest was a linked five screen video display

The emphasis from the PSG Marketing Department was firmly on ‘benefits to the user’. Our job was to convey the message in a visually interesting way while keeping the customers attention.

The videos were produced in English and German language formats over a period of about 10 years.