Car DAB Radio 2d explainer video example

DAB radio install guide and animated marketing video

Electronic product explainer video example

We produced this product launch explainer video reusing some elements from previous video project for the same client. This consistency of style strengths the branding but also lowers production costs. The client has a range of consumer electronics products and we have successfully produced video for them over the last 15 years.

Four variations of this video were produced for different product models and with different retailer branding.

The basic message of this video is to highlight the customer ‘pain points’ and then offer the solution provided by the product.

The simplicity of the video style is designed to focus on the message rather than the visual medium. The client also wanted higher production values so we added kinetic typography, slick transitions and incorporated existing product photographs.

The video goes beyond being solely a basic explainer video as we also cover electronic product features and fitting options.

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2d explainer video example- What is a dash cam?

what is a dashcam video intrduction

Nextbase 2d explainer video production

The 2d animated explainer video example shown below was produced for the consumer electronics manufacturer Nextbase in 2015. The focus was to quickly and efficiently show the public what a dash cam does and why they need one.

We produced the brief, script and final video for this project. The display location was mainly to be in-store at POS displays which meant no audio could be used.

The video proved very successful and we later produced the same video in 5 different language versions.

The first draft video we produced used all 2d animation and had a more cartoon feel. However the client decided they wanted a more ‘high end’ look so we incorporated more 3d animated CGI.

The audience reaction to the video is key to it’s success, they feel an emotional attachment to the character. This means they identity with him, want to know what happens next and want a happy ending to the drama.

what is a dash cam explainer video storyboard

The images shown here are from the first storyboard draft before video production.

Newport Apartments

apartment building estate agent image
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Originally an architectural project from 2006, we have updated the images with our new rendering software V-Ray. A full set of interiors and furniture were added to the original job.

Mobility Bathrooms

still CGI image of bath

Please ‘double click’ the slideshow below to view in full screen

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This client has used our services since 2010 to produce a range of around 25 walk-in baths, showers and limited mobility bathing solutions. The videos were an after thought as the main focus was on print and web still images. The interactive 3d model display was produced as a test.

Graphic Design Jobs

event poster graphic design

We have been producing graphic designs and illustrations for over 30 years. Our work is now more focused on CGI and emerging technologies but we have a solid understanding of all aspects of the art, design, photography, video and print businesses.

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BurBax Boilers

boiler process 3d graphic

The computer generated image below was commissioned by a boiler manufacturer. The product shown was only at a prototyping stage so traditional photograph wouldn’t have been possible. The final image was used in a print catalogue and website.

commercial product 3d illustration

Residential Housing

estate agent marketing photogrph of new build

This project was to produce still and video marketing images from the supplied architects plans and elevations. The project was shelved before the interior modelling was completed.

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The test online 3d model below was quickly added by ourselves. Obviously it’s unfinished but it is useful to showcase what is possible.

Dashcam fitting instructional video

packaging and unboxing of consumer electronics animated video

This video was included with the product as a DVD and also available online. The purpose was to explain the fitting and basic operation of this new type of dashcam. The client saved a lot of product returns from customers who couldn’t be bothered to read the manual to be able to set the dashcam up.

Nextbase 612GW dash cam Product video

Nextbase CGI image

4K dash cam marketing video production

This product video was one of the first of it’s kind to explain the innovative 4K resolution dash cam video recording at a consumer electronics level.

Our job as a video marketing company was to explain the benefits of this technology to the consumer. The main issue seemed to be that the public don’t really understand the concept of ‘resolution’. 4K may be ‘better’ than HD 1080p but why would you spend an extra £100 for it?

By zooming into a number plate, on actual dashcam footage we were able to show exactly why the extra video clarity makes all the difference.

exploded view of a 4K dash cam

We also produced a 3d model of this dash cam that customers could interact with in Facebook.

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marketing video production example

Elvis Votes

elvis character model

A personal character animation project from 2005. Character design/ modelling/ rigging/ animation/ texturing/ rendering/ compositing by Offplan3d.