This client used our bathroom CGI catalogue image services over a 5 year period. Our studio produced catalogue sales images for a range of around 25 walk-in baths, showers and limited mobility bathing solutions. These images were used in online and print based product catalogues.


Offplan3d designed and built 5 bathroom interior CGI sets. The various 3d CAD models for the baths and showers were then constructed from either supplied plans or photographs. The idea was to produce a photo-real CGI catalogue of product images from various suppliers with a unified look and feel.


Offplan3d generated the CGI mobility bathing videos shown below. However these were a later addition to the project as the main focus was on print brochure and web still images. The focus of these CGI bath videos was customer operation and access rather than background set dressing.

Our 3d visualisation studio made this online interactive 3d bath model display. This was only a proof of concept test.

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