Bungalow dormer visual impact planning appeal drawings

This CGI job was to show the local authority planning department the visual impact of a refused larger extension. The planning  appeal also included photographs of similar buildings in the local area and an architects statement.

As the client was on the other side of the country we were unable to photograph the site. Instead we were given images taken with their phone camera. This is much harder than dealing with SLR camera images which contain much more useful metadata.

To create the final computer generated images we first had to re-create the phone camera’s internal workings (lens, light sensor etc) in our 3D CAD program. Step 2 was to work out the camera position and 3d orientation in CAD space. Step 3 was to build the bungalow and extension 3d models. Step 4 was to render the images from the CAD program and  composite them onto the original photograph in Photoshop.

CGI CAD render of 3d model of extension

Bungalow before any extension

bungalow dormer extension proposal

The cost of this job was £200 (which is a bargain for this level of work).

Ring us on 01237 45 23 23 or 0774 808 33 33 to find out more.

Move the slider below to compare the approved and proposed extension plans.

House extension planning approval drawing CGI Arch- Dormer- 2 1800x1350 opt

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