Adding CGI to an existing listed building​

CGI and listed buildings may initially seem to have little in common. However we will show you here how well they can work together for property marketing.

Salston Manor photograph of listed building during renovation work Salston Manor CGI added to listed building

This CGI, drone and photography service was for an 18th century Manor house near Ottery Saint Mary in South Devon. The main house had been derelict for several years with staircases and floors missing.

Our job was to provide the estate agents with print and online marketing images before building works had finished.

We visited the site and photographed the exterior, interior and took aerial  video and images with our drone.

Back in our office we recreated the camera and building site in 3d space on our computers. We then used the architects plans to build the unfinished parts of the building and added these CGI elements to the original photograph. Various parts of the building and grounds were also ‘photoshopped’ to tidy them up. The final estate agent images were A4 at print resolution.

Manor house CGI drone image Manor house before CGI

Interior photographs with CGI added

Initially the plan had been to produce fully set dressed CGI interior images. However this was later changed to taking on site photographs and adding the final flooring and removal of building debris and dirt.

A lot of the rooms were actually pretty small and difficult to photograph. To solve this problem we had to take several photographs and then photoshop them together. This gave a good impression of the rooms without too much ‘fish-eye’ distortion.

manor house interior with CGI

Phase two of the manor house CGI project

Around 12 additional houses are proposed for phase two of this project. They are to be built in the grounds of the manor house and we hope to be able to add the images here…

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