luxury new build CGI marketing service image

The architectural design company asked our 3d visualisation studio to originate this luxury new build CGI and drone project in Cornwall. The proposed development site was a former hotel only a hundred meters from the beach in Marazion.

CGI visual impact assessment image service

The first part of this project was to create CGI visualization images to assist the detailed planning application. Due to the sites’ location in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty accurate visual impact photomontage images were required. This involved the production of a basic 3d CAD model of the proposed building development which was incorporated into the, client supplied, site photographs.

Cornwall hotel CGI visualisation Cornwall hotel CGI verified view
luxury homes CGI 3d modelling service

CGI images and video for estate agent marketing

The second part of the project was to produce final marketing CGI images and video.

In addition a drone video of the location was required onto which the CGI model of the new homes was to be added. This real world/CGI video compositing required testing due to technical difficulties with of the location, from the computing point of view. The issue was the lack of visual vertial reference points e.g tall buildings which would mean an inaccurate 3d solve (with CGI objects not moving exactly with the video). The alternative would be prohibitively expensive broadcast filming equiment.

Aerial filming and CGI integration service

Our visualisation studio used 3d mapping technology to plan our proposed drone service flight paths. The image below shows the legal limits for UAV flight radius and altitude around the development site.

Cornwall drone pre planning image

The proposed development buildings and site location 3d models were combined for pre-visualisation. The video below shows roughly how the final sales video of the live action drone video and CGI buildings might look.

The final CGI video would require around 250 hours of cloud  processing computer time per minute of finished video or 1,500 images. This is why pre-planning is so important.

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