South Devon new homes development CGI

New homes sold off-plan

Our Devon new homes CGI service built these 3d house models and generated the architectural renderings shown here. The property marketing images were commisioned by a south Devon estate agency.

Uneven site contour levels were ignored to keep the 3d modelling costs down. As only individual property images were used the client decided this wasn’t really an issue. The ‘for illustration purposes only’ caption was attached to the final estate agent marketing images.

The new homes were all reserved ‘off plan’ before our drone service was able to film the site and it’s surroundings. The issue being filming in winter with no leaves on the trees.

New homes CGI pricing

The 4 different high resolution property images were produced for budget price of circa £1,200.

Higher quality work is available but takes longer and therfore costs more.

Changing building materials

New housing developments often run into building supply issues. The projects’ schedule of finishes changed, at the last minute, from 15mm dark grey concrete roof tiles to light grey slates.

Luckily we were able to alter the roof tile colour and not rebuild all the roofs with the thinner slates. No additional charges were made for the extra work.

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