Clovelly visitors kiosk video

Clovelly Devon visitor center video

This half hour Visitor Video Display project was undertaken on a very tight budget. For example, one morning to go through the ‘archive’ of probably 10-20 thousand uncatalogued slides and photos. The script was researched and written by ourselves. The brief was to engage and entertain casual visitors to Clovelly, who has previously looked into the chapel but rarely spent any time there. But also educate about the history of the chapel and Methodism as well as try to engage the viewer with the current and future forms of worship.

One of the most basic rules of script writing/ storytelling is never to ‘preach’ (an instant turn off to most audiences) which made this project especially challenging. However as we have installed and maintained the video display we have seen first hand how well this has worked (as well as looking at the visitor book comments and increase in the donations box).

Due to the unusual religious building copyright laws (where copyrighted materials can be shown in the chapel only) only a very edited version is shown here.

Gainsborough Baths

Gainsborough CGI catalogue thumbnail

This job was for a client whose customers were care homes. The bathroom set had to accurately reflect the clinical regulations in place while also being contemporary and show casing the bath in a attractive light. The images in the gallery above show how the final image was arrived at (in reverse order).

Gainsborough CGI catalogue photograph details
mobility bathing catalogue image CGI
Gainsborough CGI catalogue photograph blue bathroom
Gainsborough CGI catalogue photograph
Gaindborough care in bathing CGI rendering image

South Devon homes architectural visualisation

house thumbnail

The brief for this architectural visualization project was to produce 4 high resolution images from each property for estate agent publicity literature.

Double click below to view in full screen mode.

Architectural 3d CGI visualisation image site view
building developer image of proposed house
Devon arch viz property image
kitchen CGI interior sales image
interior CGI view of a proposed luxury house
Architectural CGI visualisation image plan view
Devon house aerial view for property marketing
Cornwall property estate agent image CGI
Architectural CGI visualisation image kitchen view
Architectural CGI visualisation image living room view
Architectural CGI visualisation staircase view
Architectural CGI visualisation exterior rendering
Architectural CGI visualisation image

The 360 degree images or photosheres shown below where an added bonus for the client to use as Facebook marketing and publicity. If you are viewing on a PC/laptop then navigation is via mouse click and drag.

For really immersive VR experience we recommend viewing via a smart phone or tablet. Double tap the images below to view in the Facebook App. This allows the viewer to use the devices accelerometer and gyro to know where the viewer whats to look at the image. There is also the ability to ‘pinch’ zoom into the image.

The drone footage was supplied to us for adding the computer generated house models. Unfortunately no one asked us about which shots would work so the drone video was pretty much unusable apart from this one short clip below. There tends to be a common assumption that there is ‘magic software’ that just works whereas we actually understand how the software works, it’s requirements and limitations. If in doubt please ask our advice.

An interactive WebGL model viewer is shown below. This allows the user to fully interact with the 3d model of the bungalow. This was an unfinished test (from 2015) with lighting but no materials added. The technology has moved on quite a bit in the meantime so please ask us about the latest developments in VR and online 3D viewers.

Vega exhibition and interactive

industrial 3d visualsation

This job was to produce a backdrop for an exhibition display. The final artwork was delivered in ultra high resolution for a 5 meter wide print. The green lines represents radiation emitted from the level meters.

vega level controls cut through illustration
3d graphic of industrial process
radiation monitor for industrial use image
close up of a levels gauge from CAD model
energy sector illustrated image CGI
oil industry CGI explainer image

The interactive 3d model below was produced as a quick test to showcase the possibilities to the client (2014)

Van Guard manufacturing

shelf CAD image

There were multiple jobs under discussion for this large manufacturing client. The first was for a 7 meter wide exhibition backdrop. A variety of floor surface materials were tried out as well as different location options. There were also catalogue CGI images, interactive 3d models and videos to follow (2016).

product CGI image in a real world location
product marketing image
industrial product 3d packshot
product photography location
shelving products in different CGI photo shoots

The interactive 3d model below was built for the client from scratch. The 3d model we built is around 10 times faster to load and interact than the original CAD model. Also  photo-real lighting is ‘baked’ into the model along with using ‘real time’ lighting and reflections. This allows quick and efficient interaction with any users device.

The interactive 3d model below was built to demonstrate how we could solve the clients marketing problem. The shelving units inside a small van interior would be very difficult to convey to a customer using photography or video. A 180 degree ‘fish-eye’ lens on a camera would have a lot of distortion. Similarly using a video camera and rotating 360 degrees would lead to motion sickness (unless done very slowly, which would lose the viewers’ attention).

We achieved this by making an interactive 3d model which the customer can fully navigate in 3d space. We also made the van interior only visible from one side.

iPhone App- Lightbox

computer generated image of lighting products

CGI graphics produced for an iPhone App

These CGI images were created by Offplan3d around 12 years ago for an iPhone app. The app allowed the user to build their own custom stage lighting rig. The user could then see the lights reacting to music with a sound to light controller.

All the Computer Generated Images shown here are renders from the 3D models that we built from photographs and sketches. The app images had to produced as 2d so that they could slot together correctly. However you can see from the extra publicity render to shown at the bottom that the models were all 3d objects.

3d logo image
computer generated image of lighting products
stage lighting product photograph

We also produce CGI product still images or packshots. Please click here for more  information on our CGI service prices

lightshow iPhone app CGI graphics

Nextbase Mirror dashcam

dashcam marketing image packshot

A marketing video to explain and sell a new dashcam from 2017 (not in production at the time of video creation).

This was shown in-store on Point Of Sale display stands and online (via the manufacturer, Nextbase, and various retailer websites e.g Halfords, Ebay).

We have produced over thirty product videos for Nextbase and their associated brands. This has covered a range of consumer electronics from Internet radios to waterproof TV’s to in-car DVD players to dash-cams.

These videos have been so successful that the UK distributor has resold them internationally. We have currently reproduced these videos in three other languages. We have also supplied videos direct to the Chinese manufacturing company.

Nextbase Touch Tablet product video

Tablet headrest mount consumer electronics device

Car Tablet and headrest mount product video

We created this product marketing movie for an Android Tablet with in-car headrest mount and wireless headphone transmitter. The video was shown at the product launch at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and it’s European equivalent IFA. At the time of producing this video the product was at  the pre-production stage. We created the images from the product CAD file and adding this to a car interior 3d model that we created.

The video was shown on a large projected video display on the Nextbase exhibition trade stand.

We had previously produced exhibition displays running over five different but synchronized displays.

Tablet headrest mount consumer electronics device

Apart from car tablet marketing videos we produce a wide range of other product marketing videos.

United Nations and Gower College Videos

2d animation whiteboard image

This video was commissioned by United Nations to promote the Rights of the Child in Welsh schools. The hand drawn video style was first made popular around 2011 by the Royal Society of the Arts via their series of RSA Animate video lectures.

Both a Welsh and English language version of this video were produced. We have also produce videos in other languages for our international clients.

We have produced various other hand drawn videos using different techniques and styles.

The UN video was so successful that we were asked by Gower College to produce a similar video. The purpose of this video was to explain the rules and workings of the college to new students. At almost 8 minutes long this could have easily have lost the viewers attention. However the use of a well crafted storyline and visual/audio engagement allow the messages to be conveyed successfully. A good example of info-tainment.

Gower College website

PSG Injection Moulding equipment

Mechanical product CGI visualisation image

This video is from a series of promotional still images and videos, used online and at trade show exhibitions. The largest was a linked five screen video display

The emphasis from the PSG Marketing Department was firmly on ‘benefits to the user’. Our job was to convey the message in a visually interesting way while keeping the customers attention.

The videos were produced in English and German language formats over a period of about 10 years.