The purpose of project was to provide video, still and interactive images to a PR Agency for inclusion in marketing materials (website, video and print). The intended audience were government and national funding bodies.

We were supplied with architects plans, elevations and very rough 3d models which were rebuilt from scratch. As this was a second round funding proposal the building details were largely unspecified which left the materials and interiors to us to design.

Still Images

These still shots were chosen to highlight the key features of this building as well as explaining it’s structural layout.



Around 2 minutes of video were produced. This may not seem like much but it involved around 250 hours of computer workstation processing time. As we use Google Cloud Computing it only a couple of nights to get the video images back.

Interactive Images

These are images which the viewer can control using either a mouse, touchpad or gyroscope of a mobile device (by pointing your device where you want to look). This control means more engagement with the images and a greater sense of three dimensional space. This is particularly important in tight or enclosed spaces such as architectural projects. Using a traditional photograph would either only show a small part of the space or, if using a wide angle ‘fish-eye’ lens, lead to a very distorted image.

The viewer opposite is showing a auto-rotating 360 degree spherical image. This can be manually rotated by ‘click and drag’ or zoom in/out with the ‘middle mouse button/finger pinch’.

The Facebook posts opposite and below have two great advantages.

1- Mobile device gyro navigation, this is a much more intuitive and immersive way looking around the 3d space.

2- Easy sharing for social media distribution. AKA free advertising for the project.

They can be viewed two ways.

1-Using a PC/laptop just click and drag to rotate. To view full-screen click on the image to open the original Facebook post. 

2-Using your mobile device and navigating with the ‘magic window’ gyroscope. Click the facebook post opposite to open with your Facebook App. Simply point the device where ever you want to look e.g orient your device towards the floor to look at the floor in the image.

A big advantage of this format is that it can easily be shared, gaining free advertising for the project.

Inside of the auditorium (with the inner and outer spherical screens removed)

Posted by Offplan3d on Thursday, May 9, 2019

Planetarium Wales entrance foyer exhibition area

Posted by Offplan3d on Thursday, May 9, 2019

Planetarium Wales main dome with external video projection panels

Posted by Offplan3d on Thursday, May 9, 2019

Planetarium Wales view from the roof level

Posted by Offplan3d on Thursday, May 9, 2019

3D On-Line Models

The interactive 3D model opposite was a basic test to show the client roughly how an online 3D model would work. As there was no allocated budget this was left as a simple test. The visability of the floors can be controlled with the time slider (pause the animation first). Use the annotations menu to jump around the model.

We have other examples of more finished web 3d work with other jobs.

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