The brief for this architectural visualization project was to produce 4 high resolution images from each property for estate agent publicity literature.

The photoshere images shown below where an added bonus for the client to use as Facebook marketing and publicity. If you are viewing on a PC/laptop then navigation is via mouse click and drag.If you would like to view in full screen please double click to open the original Facebook post.

If viewing via a smart phone or tablet then double tapping the images below will give you the option to view in the Facebook App. This allows the viewer to use the devices accelerometer and gyro to know where the viewer whats to look at the image. There is also the ability to ‘pinch’ zoom into the image.

This is a photosphere from a few years back from a housing development in South Devon. If you are using the Facebook app...

Posted by Offplan3d on Thursday, May 23, 2019

This is a 360 photosphere from a south Devon house CGI visualization from 2016.

Posted by Offplan3d on Thursday, May 23, 2019

The drone footage was supplied to us for adding the computer generated house models. Unfortunately no one asked us about which shots would work so the drone video was pretty much unusable apart from this one short clip below. There tends to be a common assumption that there is ‘magic software’ that just works whereas we actually understand how the software works, it’s requirements and limitations. If in doubt please ask our advice.

An interactive WebGL model viewer is shown below. This allows the user to fully interact with the 3d model of the bungalow. This was an unfinished test with baked lighting but no material texturing added.

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