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Product Visualisation and Marketing

Producing and photographing a physical prototype can be time consuming and expensive. CGI product visualisation is a fast and cost effective alternative solution. Product and industrial designers and manufacturers can explore new designs, bring ideas to life or showcase and pre-sell new products.


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Location, location, location!

We have over 100 photo-shoot locations ready to use and many more we can buy in. So you can easily choose locations from the Grand Canyon to Barcelona rooftops to Alaskan lakes.

Continuity is another vital benefit we offer. If you want to re-shoot a new product in the identical location, same lights & camera, no problem! We can do that next week or in 5 years time with only a £20 restart cost.

As well as pre-captured locations we also have high quality 3d scanned materials for you product to sit on. Chose from snow to gravel to rocks to wood.

Importing CAD files

We can import most CAD files and add materials, lighting for a photoreal image render. The ‘hyper realistic’ style of these images has proved very popular for online sales. There is also a huge amount of flexibility to CGI images over traditional photography. However without traditional photographic skills these new tools are still just tools. Our experience of photography starts from medium format cameras and darkrooms.


Metal and glass are among the hardest materials to photograph due to their reflective natures. So the reflective environment needs to be designed/ built/ faked to get professional studio results.


We have designed, produced and rendered around a dozen glass perfume bottles. The studio setup we built was based on real world photo studios.

3D Modelling

Sometimes it is easier to just build a 3D model from scratch than negotiate to get the CAD files from abroad. We have the technical and design skills to do this if required.

How we work

The first thing we do is to manage clients expectations. To many peoples surprise, we don’t have some super-computer ‘drag’n’drop’ program that does everything for us. There is a project work plan were decisions are ‘signed off’ at key points. This is because we can’t go back and make fundamental changes once the final video/images/VR has been finished. Depending on the complexity of a project, up to half the time can be spent planning and producing rough ‘wireframe’ videos/stills.

More to follow…

3d Product Visualisation for

– Automotive
– Electronics
– Transportation
– Product prototype

Exhibition Stands
– Visitor Centres
– Product rendering
– 3D product catalogues


For more architectural interior 3d computer modeled images of bathrooms and fittings.

How to use CGI in Product Marketing

We made this video (a while back) to explain how, why and where to use CGI in product marketing. Most people know very little about CGI 3D Computer Animation so we tried to explain a few of it’s marketing benefits.

CGI is such a fast developing medium that you are really best to talk to us about what you want to achieve and let us suggest workable solutions.

Product Visualisation Portfolio

To see examples of our Product Visualisation work please click below-

Mobility Bathrooms

Please ‘double click’ the slideshow below to view in full screen This client has used our services since 2010 to produce a range of around 25 walk-in baths, showers and
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BurBax Boilers

The computer generated image below was commissioned by a boiler manufacturer. The product shown was only at a prototyping stage so traditional photograph wouldn’t have been possible. The final image
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Dashcam fitting instructional video

This video was included with the product as a DVD and also available online. The purpose was to explain the fitting and basic operation of this new type of dashcam.
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Nextbase 612GW Product video

For a fuller explanation of WebGL- WebGL is a cross-platform, royalty-free web standard for a low-level 3D graphics API based on OpenGL via the HTML5 Canvas element. Developed in 2011
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Gainsborough Baths

This job was for a client whose customers were care homes. The bathroom set had to accurately reflect the clinical regulations in place while also being contemporary and show casing
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Vega exhibition and interactive

This job was to produce a backdrop for an exhibition display. The final artwork was delivered in ultra high resolution for a 5 meter wide print. The green lines represents
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Van Guard manufacturing

There were multiple jobs under discussion for this large manufacturing client. The first was for a 7 meter wide exhibition backdrop. A variety of floor surface materials were tried out
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Nextbase Mirror dashcam

A marketing video to explain and sell a new dashcam from 2017 (not in production at the time of video creation). This was shown in-store on Point Of Sale display
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